Saturday, June 20, 2009

New New New...

it feels like ages since my last post here. i've been very busy lately and i am sure you already know what i mean. yeah, school, school, school. hell school! i love goin' to school except for those very difficult lessons. who doesn't anyway? though it's challenging and it really made me study harder. but it still sucks. lol :)

anyway, there are lots of changes this semester. new facilities. yeah, our school has been renovated.. well, just a little bit. new professors, who cares? and new blockmates. yeah, our previous section was dissolved and now me and some of my previous classmates are in one section with other section. get it? it feels awkward because it's like you're back to zero again. like, you're a freshman again. you'll do some adjustments again, not only to your professors and subjects but also to your new blockmates. of course i know that i am not in high school anymore and i know that you'll surely tell me that i have to widen my world. of course i know that, but it's, you know, hard. especially when you were already used to your previous classmates. you already know them, you know some of their secrets, you know how to act in front of them, you know who's the mathematician in class, you know who loves science, you just simply know all of them. and you don't care if you commit mistakes in front of them. why? because you already treating each others as family, as brothers and sisters. and then just like that, you all have separated ways. of course yes, someday or yeah, for sure that day will come where you will be all separated from each other. not all of you will pass or will graduate, not all of you will take up same majors. it's just really frustrating that they are not my blockmates anymore. and the thing is, in our current section, we are not the dominating one. but the other section. see how difficult? they already know each other, and us? we're just like irregular students. we need to adjust again and again. honestly, it feels awkward when you have to recite in front of them. it's like, oh my god! they are all staring at me. and then you'll get nervous because what if you answer the question wrong? it's really embarassing. unlike if you are in your previous section, commiting mistake is not that embarassing at all. i know, i know.. i can't complain anymore. i just have to do my thing.

now, i have my Calculus subject and it really... sucks! i just don't like it and it's like i am totally blank when it comes to Calculus. i don't know. it's not because i hate math. i love math, well, some math. i prefer problem solvings than doin' that algebra stuffs. solving algebraic expressions, finding the area of that figure, finding the domain and the range.. and hell stuffs! then i began to wonder.. why do i have to study this? yeah, maybe someday i might find it helpful or atleast i have an idea what Calculus is when someone asked me. but, let's just be practical. i am taking a business course and not engineering, not architecture, not education major in math or whatever. why why why?? i should be studying math like investments, or computations in economics or anything that is related to business. do i have to find what is the value of x or y when i work in a company while doin' some marketing strategy? do i have to find the circumference of a circle in planning to improve my sales?? c'mon! they are just purely extras! if i am studying Statistics right now i could consider it but Calculus?? god! but don' get me wrong. i am not goin' to drop that subject nor just let myself have a passing grade. i am going to study hard if that's the only solution for me to survive in that subject.

then i have this Economics professor. and he's really amazing. he's incredibly funny and senseful. he's an excellent professor though sometimes i become nervous all the time he's beginning to ask questions. he will call you and you'll be just surprised. but hella way, i love him. okay, not that intimate one. but because he is good. actually he's not the one we met during the first day of class. there was a switching thing happened. and he asked us who's going to take Economics as a major in our class and no one answered nor raised our hands. all of us are planning to take Marketing Management or Financial Management. and he assured us that eventually, we're gonna change our mind. why? because he promised us that we will love Economics in the end. i don't know if it will happen to me.. but as he said that, i am having a little doubt now. looks like i am beginning to like it but i am not yet sure if it will be my desired occupation in the future.

and i just want to tell you that we already moved to our new dormitory. i mean, all of us! lol. why? the owner of our previous dorm has a problem with the electricity thing. imagine, first day of class we don't have electricity. for God sake! we're students and how could we study if there's no electricity?? they said it will be fix on Friday! wtf? we need the electricity as soon as possible. so we decided to move. we're lucky there's a new dormitory just near the previous one and there are still no occupants. so lucky us! :) the dorm is really good. it has good facilities and the owner is really kind and friendly. then the previous owner was like, texting us to go back there. honestly, we can't leave that dormitory. that's my first dormitory and it feels home to me. we just got no choice. so we couldn't go back there anymore. it's very stressful to move your things from one house to another! lol

alright, i think i've said too much. maybe i could write here again next week. that's awful! and you know why. let's just see what will happen next week and pray for me.

and just a little side note.. on wednesday we don't have our class because it's Manila DAy so.. fun fun fun! and my dormates are planning to go to Enchanted Kingdom with our new dormitory owner. and also, happy father's day to your Dads.


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