Friday, October 29, 2010

EK with my LOVE!

Yesterday was so fun! We went to Enchanted Kingdom to celebrate Ronald's birthday. :> It was actually a surprise for him. He had no idea where to go, I just told him that we will go somewhere on that date. Faye and Gin went with us to celebrate their monthsary.

We arrived there at 11:30am. There were only a few people that time so we were able to ride almost all rides. We went first to Rialto since it was afternoon and we want some cold place. Then Flying Fiesta, Dodgem, Up up and Away, and then Anchor’s Away. After Anchor’s Away, we took some rest. We almost lost our souls because of that. Haha! Then we went to Space Shuttle, another breathtaking ride! It was my first time to ride there. It was really great! I really enjoyed it though Ronald’s was laughing after because he can’t even talk to me. He told me after the ride, I was just sitting quietly and doing my own thing. He was tapping me but I’m just ignoring him. Lol. But I really have no idea that I was ignoring him. Then we took some rest again. Lol. Then again, we went to Anchor’s Away and Space Shuttle. The park was getting crowded so it was pretty difficult to take some rides because the lanes are getting longer. Then we went to Ferris Wheel and this time, I was laughing at him because I didn’t know that he’s afraid of heights. J We were actually planning to go straight to Horror House after that but the ticket booth was already closed. So, that sucks! We weren’t able to ride in Xtreme, Jungle Log Jam and Rio Grande because we enjoyed too much riding in Space Shuttle and Anchor’s Away.

After, we went to KFC in SLEX to take some dinner. The bonding was so cool. I didn’t expect that Ronald would be able to mingle well with Faye and Gin.

October 28, 2010 was so memorable. I love you :) <3

Thursday, October 28, 2010

3rd Year First Semester Grades

Hey there. So here's my grades for my 3rd year 1st semester. It went great! I wasn't actually expecting those high grades from my professors but God knows how I eagerly wanted to get high grades. I can't forget those stressful days, weeks and months, those sleepless nights and sleepy daytimes, those busy weekdays and a lot more. I'm very thankful for everything, for everyone who supported me and served as my inspiration. To God, to my parents, friends, to people who really cared for me. Thank you so much. Please pray for me so that I would be able to maintain those grades until I graduated from college. I really want to graduate with honors. Thank you! =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Total No-No

An “ex” is called an “ex” because it’s an EXample of who you shouldn’t go for again in the future.”

It's Worth Fighting For!

I haven’t been posting for awhile… I know. I’ve been busy but I know it’s not an excuse though. School gets more hell. New professors, new classmates, new friends, new subjects, etc. Also, I seldom bring my laptop with me so I haven’t got the time to write everything that is happening to me.

Anyway, just earlier I created a tumblr account. It’s also a blog site. I’m just bored so I decided to create one. Besides, I know a few friends who are totally in love with tumblr. Like they spend most of their hours in tumblr. I just wanna check what’s in it. I wish wouldn’t be like them. Lol.

So, where will I start my story? It’s been a long time since my last post. There are lots of happenings and changes. How will I start?

Okay, maybe I’ll start with my studies. I’m already in my 3rd year as a student in UST. Last summer, I took some qualifying exams for our major. I was about to choose between Economics and Marketing so I took both exams. I did pass with those two. So my major problem was which is which? Marketing was my first choice and what I want actually just before I enter college. Economics, on the other side, made me so interested and I do excel in that subject. Not because it is easy but because I am really interested. But I stick up with my first choice and now I’m a Marketing student. First semester just ended and I am waiting for my grades to show up online. I’m not quote worried with my grades except for that one subject where I screwed up during my final exams. Just wish me luck. :/ anyway, I attended again a ceremony for the Outstanding Students earlier this September. Though I lost my scholarship, it still feels good receiving an award you know you deserve because of your hardships and patience.

Oh, about the picture above, I just saw it on photobucket and I really think it’s cute J I don’t know if it’s right to mention here about what happening with my personal life because people might, well, will see it. But I couldn’t care less, it’s my blogger people!

So what is actually happening to me? I’m good. I’m totally good. No. I’m totally great! You know the feeling as if everything seems right. Like everything falls perfectly in its place. Yes you might say, it’s just because I’m in love. I’ve been in love before. But this time, it’s different. You never know how many months and years I waited just to get this feeling. The patience, the pains, the tears, the happiness, the forgiveness and acceptance, the second chances, I’ve already did them. I never knew I could actually do those stupid things. Imagine, wait for someone for so long, ignoring admirers just because of someone? And you would never imagine that I could totally ignore those guys. I mean, I would be crazy if I dumped them for no reason. But I was totally crazy, so I dumped them. The worst part? I made them fall for me and leave them hanging. I was so mean just to avoid getting hurt. I remember when one of the guys got mad at me because I left him hanging after those sweet moments between us. It’s not that I intended to do it or like hurt me intentionally. It’s just that, there was a time when I just realized that I don’t like it anymore and that I had to stop it. It just hurt him because I didn’t say anything after that. It’s because I don’t know what to say to him. I am afraid of karma. I know everyone does. So I stopped doing things like that. So there’s this guy whom I really like, we became close friends, but just friends. Months passed and we had no communication with each other because we’re both busy. He do his own thing, I do mine. He flirts girls, I flirt boys. But I said to myself, he’s the one I’m willing to wait. If ever the time comes that we became together, I will surely want myself to be settled with him. I don’t even know why or what’s gotten in to me. I don’t know what he got but there’s something I really can’t resist. And then, there’s this night when he asked me if I want to try. Like me and him as lovers. I said sure. Lol. But my first 2 months with him was not good. He had this attitude of being cold because he has this mindset of no girls for the meantime. I don’t know but I guess it’s because of his past relationship. I tried to hold on to my faith. How stupid right? I was getting my hopes up trying to convince myself that everything will be okay. I did flirt some guys because I felt he doesn’t care at all. I was about to give him up when that night happened. We talked about it and he said I am important to him. I don’t wanna believe him because I don’t want to give him another chance. I was thinking that he’s hurting me too much and all I wanna do was to forget him and try to focus with some other things. But he really changed. Like he changed a lot. He said he realized something and things like that.

So now, we’re so good. It’s difficult to express here but you can never imagine how happy I am right now. It’s more than just a girlfriend-boyfriend thing. What we have is something true. We think as if we’re matured enough to face the future together. Our relationship is not just like others. We’re together not only for the sake of companionship and displayed affection. Our relationship is something worth keeping, worth believing and worth fighting. <3