Saturday, July 25, 2009

How Frustrating Is That??

hey, i'm home now and really feels great to be home :) earlier, we only had 2 subjects so i just spent 2 hours in school. and i felt lazy goin'to school. if i could just absent. just one day. haha. if it wasn't because of my Calculus subject, i won't go. i can't miss one class in that subject. i'll find it hard to catch the lesson if i did. but it was a great day, so far.

anyway, i am already a novice of Marketing and Communications Committee in our organization. but it is a different organization. not the Pre-Com one, which i have told you before. when i was interviewed, HE was there. yeah, the guy i've been always telling you. and he noticed me. haha. he was getting something in a cabinet near the desk of where i sit. then he noticed me, then he asked me if what happened to the other organization. i told him that it was already closed but i managed to apply to other organization. and i heard that he will also join our organization next year. he's going to be a novice also. so.. :) haha. well, i rarely see him. i think he's a bit busy with the organization. but, so what? :D

i also came back to our chorale. yeah, fyi, i am a soprano member of the commerce chorale. and it just happened that i have done 1 solo during the pre-concert of Himig Tomasino. :) and it feels good to be back. there were new members and they were good. the chorale really sounds great this year and it sounds balance. i hope it will be our year :) wish us luck!

i've been reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. i just borrowed it from one of my blockmates. it's the book 7 and the last book. so i have to enjoy every page of it. haha. i just read the synopsis of the book on internet. so, i already have the idea about the story. but still, reading the book makes a lot of sense. not because i love reading, but because i love Harry Potter. :)

oh, i just want to share that i have my new uniform now. haha. yeah, the student council had this project to have a new uniform. just so you know, ou previous uniform was white just lie medicine and nursing students. duh? we're business students. we should be wearing some corporate attire. and that's the fulfillment!haha. i'll be wearing them next week. i'm kinda excited :)) haha

last night, there was the Freshmen Walk in our university. it happened every year. i thought i just told you about that with my previous blogs. yeah, i think i was. then, just like the usual thing..there's a concert after the mass. and the thing here is, i wasn't able to go to the concert. they said that the bands who will be performing we're not that popular. so i decided not to go. but this morning, i just found out from my seatmate that it was Sponge Cola who performed. dammit! they are my ever favorite band! i've been waiting so long to see them, and i've wasted so many concerts hoping to find them there. and the night they are in our university, i wasn't there!!! OMG, i wanna cry!! :(( i've been waiting so long, since highschool to see Yael in person. i was just few steps from our school, from Spongecola! but i wasn't able.huhu :(

okay, i think i'm over reacting. but i am really frustrated. :( i'll just leave you here.


Stop Cha-Cha, for God's Sake!

i'm in my dormitory right now, and while i am eating my dinner i am watching tv. this crap thing really freaks the whole Philippines. i mean, hello?? aren't you contented with your 6-years term?? why would you have to pursue this freaking Cha-Cha?? for your term to be extended?? that's bullshit! sorry for the vocabulary, but that's the truth! for those who doesn't know what Cha-cha or Charter Change is.. that's somewhat an action of the government to have a Constituent Assembly. they will change our government system to parliamentary. well, of course, for term extension purposes! what the hell was that? haven't you noticed that there were lots of bombings down-south recently? everyday rallies in almost every part of Manila by different sectors and organizations. i am aware of that because i am staying in Manila and i have seen rallies for real. why is this happening to our country? because of this pathetic government! and what do they do? they don't care less about that. what they care about is pursuing this Cha-Cha thing! if you are a government official, you have to do service to your countrymen and not making yourself wealthy. you were voted and positioned in where you are right now because people trusted you. you have given a specific term so that you could fulfill your duty. so why do you have to extend your term? because you think your not yet done with your duties? because you think you still haven't done the best thing that you can do for your country??c'mon! that's hilarious! immature and really pathetic! those who are in the position only shows us how selfish they are and how greedy they are when it comes to power and money. why am i saying this? for now, i am not that affected. but i don't want to be affected in the future so i have to be aware right now of the things i have to do. maybe i am becoming more mature and more aware of the things happening around me. now i am thinking to pursue an Economics major. it's a pre-law so i could study law. fyi, it's my dream to be a lawyer. there are just some reasons why i can't pursue that. okay, enough with that.

anyway, i was doing earlier my resume. why? i am applying to be a comhead of one of the organizations in our college. i should do this for future purposes and i want my college life to be more productive. enough with too much cleverness, time for practical deeds.if you didn't get what i mean, it means i have to apply in real life those things i have learned in school. being clever, having high grades are not enough for you to say that you are ready for your future job. you have to apply it. you have to train yourself. or else, everything will be useless. and the thing here is, the guy i've told you.. he's an officer of that org and he used to be the one who interviews the applicants. i mean, that's too much for coincidence, right? i don't even know that he likes engaging with those kind of things. i was in total shock when i was in the org room and he just approached us. i was surprised to know that he knew me. well, not my name but my face because he always sees me whenever they come here to eat. then earlier, i came from the computer shop to have my resume printed then i came back to the dorm and he was there with his friend. then i came down again to call my mom on phone. he just looked at me and smile at me with a wave of his hand. haha. okay, i don't want to misinterpret that. :) alright, i'll just end it up here. whatever you are thinking, it's not like that okay? lol

oh, and just a little side note.. please correct me if i am wrong about my explanation on Charter Change. i would highly appreciate that. here's my quote for the day: "Enough with too much cleverness, time for practical deeds."


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just Bored!

guess what, i have no class today! yay! lol. yeah, i have no class today because of the bad weather. actually, i havae no class since yesterday because there's a faculty union in our university. so i have got nothing to do here in our room so i just decided to write something. and later, i might watch a movie i just downloaded. and oh, i am hoping also that we have no class tomorrow because i have a quiz tomorrow on Economics. the lesson is fine but you know, i'm kinda nervous of complicated questions that might asked there. but it's kinda fun because youll be graphing the demand and the supply and then you have to get the equilibrium. just a bit stressful :) lol

anyway, since i have no class yesterday i just slept the whole morning. then, when i woke up i've been doubting if i'll be watching the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. yeah, it opened yesterday. just so you know, i am a big HP fan. lol, not the printer device. haha. nad the thing here was, i watched it by myself. haha. for some, it might sound.. "so what?" but all of my friends were laughing at me. they can't believe that i could watch a movie all alone just because i love HP. it's weird for them. lol, so what? it's Harry Potter for god's sake! and it's the second to the last of Harry Potter series so i have to watch it. even without accompany. :)) okay, i'm a huge fan i know. some hates HP, but for me it's the best! believe me. if you only watched it from the beginning, you'll like it too. some hates it because they weren't able to watch it from the beginning. haha. they're just bitter. just kiddin' :))

the movie was great! :) actually, all HP movies were great for me. i have already read that book. the movie was quite the same with the story in the book. though, of course, there were some changes and some of the happenings from the book were not in the movie. well of course i know, they can't fit all of it in just 2 hours and a half movie. i just wonder what will happen with the movie if they exactly followed the story in the book.and they did it with 2 hours and a half. haha. i can't imagine :) but all else are great! you should watch it too. especially to those, Daniel Radcliffe fans! yeah, i'm one of them. haha. there were lots of love stories between Harry and Ginny and also between Ron and Hermoine. and you'll laugh hard also. imagine me, laughing alone :)) haha. and you'll cry too :( when i read the book i cried also. although i already know the story, i can't help but still cry when i watched the movie. lol. oh my gosh, did i spoiled a lot? haha. my apology! :D

another thing, the guy i was telling you before.. i already know his name. i was shocked when i saw him in our college building. he's also a commerce student and a sophomore too. we just saw each other when we're on our way to speech laboratory for our speech class. he was just there and he's talking to one of my classmates. and it happened that my classmate was my partner in one of our activities. so i talked to him, then HE saw me. then we just stared at each other. i can visualize that he's in shocked too. lol. but if course, i act as if everything's normal even though for real, i wanna jump because of shock. i already know his name. but i won't tell you :D and this morning, he had no class too. duh, of course we have the same course. he was with his friends and they ate here. so, i saw him :) haha. my day was just complete. haha. okay, fair enough. i'm talking too much. yeah, i guess i'm right. haha.

so, i think i should go now. i'm not busy though. i'm trying to make myself busy but i don't know how. :| maybe i'll just watch a movie or sleep, or... whatever. i wanna go home now. :( i wish i don't have saturday class! alright, i'll go now :)


He's Just Someone I Always See.

i've been liking someone. yeah, i just felt strange whenever i see him. he's from the other dormitory near ours. it so happened that in our dorm, we have a canteen and it is open to everyone. he and his friends usually eat here. there are lot of times when we noticed that we're looking at each other. he's not totally the hot guy if that's what you are imagining. he's not ugly either. he's simple. and we're just going to same university. he's a bit quiet whenever he's with his friends. there's just something in him that i like and i don't know what exactly is that. i'm just having a crush, right? it's normal. haha. i don't even know his name and i am too shy to ask to our landlord about him. yeah, they're a bit close. they even played poker here with our landlord. haha, funny right? i don't know what he thinks about me. i just like him. that's all.


The Nerve!

i think it's been two weeks since my last post here. actually, i'm just writing here without my internet connection. i just wrote it because i just want it so. i'll post it when i got the time to go you're maybe wondering why i sounds a bit late or early or whatever. alright, for short, i'm in my dormitory and we don't have a wifi yet so i can't go online. i have to go to net cafes, but i have to do important things first when i am there so i can't write a blog which sometimes takes me a half an hour to do so. i could go to the library and use the internet there but i just don't like to do so. lol. that's me! lazy, in a sense that there are things i don't like to do even though i could do it. okay enough with that.

recently, i've been through lots of problems and trials. is it just normal for teenagers to be reckless sometimes with their decisions? i might ask it because i feel like i'm being reckless with my decisions. though, i've been thinking about those things over and over again but then again, when i have decided on something, i just felt like i've made a mistake and looks like i've been reckless enough doing such decision. i am consulting other's opinions. even my parents opinions. and just because they have different perceptions i'm there, confused with what i'm gonna do. and when i do such thing, i'm trying to find lots of good reasons behind that action. like i am convincing myself that i just did the right thing and i won't regret for my decision. but then, there's just this voice that tells me that i just did the wrong one. okay, maybe you're a little confused with what i am trying to say here. you'll be like.. "what the hell is she talking about?" i've been thinking about something whether i should do it or not. there are lots of opinions which totally make me confused. i'm sure you'll tell me to do what i think is right and what i want. but that's actually my problem. i want to do this thing because i want it and i think it will help me in the future. i want it to have more connections since i am in a business field. but, the thing is, it isn't right. yeah, i know there are things or other ways that could help me in the future. it's totally not the right thing. but i don't know why i want it. my friends are telling me not to do it, but i don't know. i just don't want to regret about it someday. regret that i should have done that so that i could be satisfied with what i am now or regret, in a sense that i've made a mistake. i don't know. even me, i don't know what i am saying here. enough with that.

anyway, i've been totally single for 7 months. and i just saw my ex-boyfriend last week and yesterday. we had this nstp-orientation thing. and all colleges in our university will have this orientation in our building. since my ex is an engineering student, they have to come to our building. actually, i'm not expecting to see him. but yeah, i just saw him. and also last week. me and my classmates played billiards (though, i am not that good in playing that kind of sport) haha. and it just so happened, that he's also playing there. just beside the table we're playing on. coincidence huh? and i just hate it because we're a total strangers to each other. i mean, i am not bitter anymore. i was, but not anymore. alright, i am not expecting a melodramatic scene. i'm not expecting him to say sorry with what he have done to me or whatsoever. just, a smile. i just want him to say "hi" or just nod or what. not because i still love him. was it nothing for him? i mean, the relationship? the moments? we could be friends anyway. i don't know. i just don't feel it right.

okay, enough now. bye :)