Sunday, May 29, 2011


Sometimes, no matter how wonderful of a relationship you are in, there will come a time when you will face a challenge- the temptation to cheat. If you start getting thoughts and fantasies of getting involved with another person, do not start feeling guilty or like you have failed at keeping your relationship perfect. The truth, no relationship will ever be perfect, and it is imperfections that keep a relationship on its toes, making you and partner continuously work as team in keeping your relationship open, happy and healthy.

These past few weeks, I have learned that some guys like me and I had totally no idea about that until I’ve noticed how they flirting on me. They confessed it that they really like me and I was kinda shocked with a mix of flattering. It is indeed very gratifying to know that someone likes you. But most especially, it feels great when you knew that the one you like likes you too.

The hard thing on my part is that before, I really like this guy. Well, I could say he’s still attractive to my eyes but that’s all. I don’t like him anymore as much as I do before. This guy has been telling me that he really likes me even before during our grade school days and that I was his childhood crush. And so was I. Before. He totally knew that I have a boyfriend so I asked him why he tells me that. He said because it’s his only chance of telling me that since he kept it for years. But he’s not intending to break our relationship or what, he just wanna tell me about that. He also told me that he really envy my boyfriend.

It’s really tempting once you’re in a relationship to cheat, to flirt with other guys. Especially if you think that your boyfriend is quite missing something like his time and energy. Recently, the ‘what ifs’ are starting to suffocate my mind. I’m thinking what if I’m single? What if I try something new? What if I do this thing? What would happen? I took a shower and still these questions linger in my mind. So I tried typing on the search engine and search for temptations in a relationship. I got some few advices.

I know my boyfriend would kill me once he reads this. But just so he knows, I love him so much and I wouldn’t cheat him. Temptations might occur but I will never be tempted. I would not even dare to give up. If I were on his shoes, I know I don’t wanna be cheated also by my partner. Our relationship does not worth a give up. They say temptations are pretty normal in a long term relationship and I believe that. And I fear that karma would get back at me. And as I always tell to myself, Do it. Then he'll dump you and you'll regret it. And I guarantee you you'll never do it again!”


Sorry for the content. These are just random thoughts and I am too lazy to proof-read it. Spare me for all the mistakes and the unorganized content. I’m sleepy. Goodnight!

Friday, May 27, 2011


I’m officially enrolled! Yeah! I went to school this Thursday to enrol myself and yes to senior year! I was with my block mates that day. All incoming 4th years were scheduled at 8-9 am but we were already there by 7:30 am and we’re the first ones in line. Very much different from my previous enrolment experiences because I usually come to school like 9am and the weather is so hot and I face a very long line so I really have to wait. But this time, I encountered no hassles and very comfortable weather plus I’m with my block mates wherein usually, I only go by myself. Loner I am :) Lol.

I’m really excited for my LAST year as a student. It gives me quivers thinking that I’m about to face the real world after a year. Would I be able to do it? Do my skills and knowledge are enough to be competitive outside? I guess not. I admit that I have a very long way to go towards success. I’m not as competitive like others and I’m not as witty like those efficacious people. But learning is a lifetime process and I know I can be one someday.

While chilling with my block mates that day, we were able to discuss about our coming on-the-job training. It’ll be done this second semester so I’ll be expecting a jam-packed school works and office works, not to mention that our defense for our Marketing plan will be done on second semester too. So maybe that leaves me to “No party at the moment” life. :( Anywho, we were discussing some good companies to apply and what are not. Some of us were looking for those companies who give allowances and at the same time very good training. But obviously, it’s pretty much difficult to get in there. Some of us were looking basically for a good training that could boost their skills and a plus factor for their curriculum vitae even without allowance. I’m quite undecided which company to go to but I could consider Unilever as my first pick and next would be Nestle and/ or Globe telecom. But I am aspiring to go to Proctor & Gamble because it’s a well-known company that gives an outstanding training to all their interns. Of course, we all know how excellent P&G carry out in its industry. But yes, it’s difficult to apply. Some people are telling me to try it, but I don’t know. I can’t decide yet.

So going back, it’ll be my LAST year (hopefully) as a student and it’s very saddening to think that I am leaving my beautiful university. Yes, I’m in love with my school. The cultures and traditions, the activities, the surroundings, and the people inside and outside UST, it’s hard and I’m pretty sure I’ll be missing this university. Even the floods. Lol. But I am hoping because I am planning to take a Master’s Degree after some years of working that once again, I could study in UST again. Yes, I want to take my Master’s Degree there. I hope God would allow me to. :) But for now, I’ll just enjoy my remaining days as a student because it’ll be much different from being a professional. Hey, I still got 2 semesters. It’s not that long, but I’ll live the best out of it. Oh, I forgot to mention, this year I’m looking forward for our retreat! Yay! I hope it will be a good one. That’s it for today. Byeee! :)

It's a 4-1 Series. Sorry Bulls! :P

Watched NBA earlier with my boyfriend. He went here early in the morning so that we could witness together the game. Unfortunate for him, he witnessed how my team beats his team. Yuh, I’m a Miami fan and he’s on the Chi-town side. I’m not really a MIA fan, but I’m an LBJ fan since high school that’s why I supported him even after changing his team from Cleveland to Miami.

The Mia’s 3-superstars-tandem is indeed a bomb to make this team going into the Finals. After finishing the series with 4-1 standing, now they’re about to face the West’s champion, Dallas Mavericks whom I called MaveWEAK! Lol. 2006 championship game shall repeat itself. It’s a good chance for Nowitzki to bring back his composure after losing against Miami last 2006 which haunt him in the past. Yea, Nowitzki is there but hey, Rose was in Chicago too. But 3 vs 1 game can make a lot of difference. Let’s just see who will win in the NBA Finals.

Miami haters will definitely be a Dallas fans. But I don’t care though. Mia should keep them hating. Lol. Whoever wins, I salute them. After all, I’m only concern to my love, Lebron James going to championship and getting that ring! Yehbah! :D

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Okay, some b*tch just ruined my evening. She’s just some jealous and insecure biatch hater. What are you? Pretending like a holy shit when in fact, you’re some devil not wearing in Prada. Why did I say that? Because you’re pretending to be someone you are not. Lowlife! Sorry but I hope you get what’s due to you. Better photoshop your face and let’s see what it can do with your BIG MOUTH. That is, if Photoshop could handle that, literally. Also, I have learned that you got not only a big mouth but also a SMALL BRAIN. Yuh, big mouth and small brain do mix in you. How fateful was that. :P I bet your brain also lost its sense right after you lost your virginity! Yes, I’m harsh but never accuse me of lying because I know you’re a whore. So don’t act as if you’re such an angel.

Okay, sorry for being so harsh regarding this post. I just wanna shut up so that it won’t start any war but I want to let this out. So for the readers, spare me if there are any mistakes or anything. I just wrote this out of my madness. Lol. And for you bitch, better watch out. I may not give you my attention and let you bother me because we’re not of the same level but seriously, I can be a bitch from hell and you wouldn’t like to see one, trust me. Besides, I don’t like fighting with BABIES and I don’t wanna see such a CRYING BABY! Haha :P So long, Bitch!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

All of my heart will forever be yours
and no-one could ever break what we’ve got right here between one another.
Happy 10th monthsary and still counting! I love you as always. :)

A Movie Treat for Mom's Day!

To celebrate Mom’s day, I and my lil bro decided to treat our mom a movie. It was apparently our first time to treat our mom outside because usually we just buy some cakes or flowers. Due to her request, we watched Bosing’s movie, “Pak! Pak! My Dr. Kwak”. I was about to request other movies because I don’t think I’m gonna enjoy that one. But since it was her day, I just let her decide. It was obviously not my day. Lol. But good thing, mom enjoyed her day even though after shopping and a movie treat, great typhoon came on our way and flooded the mall surroundings. Great. Lol. We also saw some Kapamilya stars there promoting something. Here are some snapshots:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

So long Phil Jackson, greatest coach. 6 championship with MJ and the Bulls, 5 championship with Kobe and the Lakers.

Mavs Ended Lakers Dynasty in Sweep!

So much disappointment to the lakers. The bad thing is that it’s not what the mavs are doing, it’s what the lakers are not doing. Oh well, just come back another season… Let others get a “chance” to get a title and a ring. Yall been hugging the championship and the titles for a while, and thats why these people hate yall… Dont worry i’ll still be a fan. :)

Friday, May 6, 2011


Just like what I said earlier, I’ll be having a separate post regarding my favorite teacher’s birthday. Her birthday was yesterday that is why we were not able to celebrate it with a party. She has work. Period. She was my teacher since first year high school. She was our adviser then. We are her first batch of students to teach since she’s new in the academe industry (if I am not mistaken). And I could say that she was the most responsible, smartest and nicest teacher we had in our school not to mention she graduated as Summa Cum Laude way back college! Hurray! :) And what makes her our favorite? After years of teaching in our school, she thought of leaving it and look for better opportunities outside. But she didn’t. Know why? Because we haven’t graduated yet. Yes. It’s because of us. She became the adviser of different class of different year levels but it was us she waited to graduate before she could leave. And when we graduated, she left the school. Sweet aye? That is why she was my and OUR favorite teacher of all time! I love you ma’am! Belated Happy Birthday! :)


Yes, it’s my friend’s birthday todaaaay! He’s my classmate way back high school. A very loving friend and such a nice person. Just so you know, he was my former suitor, an avid fan of mine. Lol. But seriously, he’s too serious and very sincere during our courting days. Unfortunately, there’s no “us” in the end because I was too young then and I was like enjoying my life being single and of course, with boys. :P But after all that heartbreaking love story of ours, we still managed to become friends and not only just friends, but very close friends. Even though he lives miles away, we’re still able to communicate with each other whenever we have the time. Today’s his birthday but we’re not going to celebrate it today. Well perhaps, with his other friends but for our circle of friends, we’re gonna celebrate his and our favorite teacher’s (gonna have a separate post on that) birthday. It’s a double celebration baby!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Party Rock is in the House Tonight!

I know, I know, I know! I have to make an apology for my not-so-long hiatus. I wasn’t that busy but I was lethargic enough to not update my blog with my recent happenings. Honestly, I have this plan to write about what happened during Easter Sunday. Yuh, that was like forever but you see, whenever I am about to start writing/typing, I always have this feeling like I have nothing much to say so I’ll just bring to a standstill and try again tomorrow. The same thing happens over and over again that is why until now, I haven’t written anything about it yet. Great blogger! K

Good thing, I’m in the mood right now. Maybe because I get inspired by the page views I got recently so I’m gonna blog our mini Pajama party with my hommies.

I can’t exactly remember the date I invited them to sleep at our house. Oh, I haven’t mentioned, I was home alone for a week (until now). Mom and my little brother went for a vacation in Mindoro. You may ask why I didn’t come with them. It’s because I just don’t like to go somewhere and experience the heat of the sun. I know that is what summer is all about but the weather recently drives my heaviness and lazy hormones and all I wanna do is to just lay on my bed, watch movies, surf the internet and anything under our own roof. Oh, you may put in shopping and visiting malls (of course, you have to get out of your house) but anyway, it’s all air-conditioned, that could escape you from that enormous heat outside. Here are some snapshots during that fun night:

Since I got 2 laptops here, I asked my other friend to bring her own laptop ‘cause just so you know, we’re kinda cyberspace addicts. Lol.

Every party has cards to play. That is why we played the legendary (in our case) “Ungguy-ungguyan” and “1,2,3 Pass”

As a consequence for those who will lose, a LIPSTICK would be your greatest nightmare for the night. Lucky me, I lost only twice. J

After getting fed up of playing cards, we decided to do something fun. We thought of creating this ‘Moymoy Palaboy’ style video. So we have to sponge down our dirty faces chock-full of lipstick marks.

And this is how they sleep... LOL!

And that’s it! Thank you girls for spending the night with me! J

Tuition Fee Increase? :| :)

I was able to see our tuition fee this coming semester. I’m an incoming senior Marketing student so that gives me a P45, 385 tuition fee which is actually higher compare to last batch’s. Also, I saw our retreat fee of P2, 300 which makes me excited. :D Oh senior year, I’m looking forward! :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meet My New Prince!

Nicholas D’Agosto. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Nicholas was a student there at the time of Election(1999). He later moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend school at Marquette University, graduating cum laude with degrees in History and Theatre. The middle of five children (two older brothers, two younger sisters), Nicholas has only seen his family expand as recently he became an uncle.

Some of you here might know him. He’s one of the lead actors from the movie Fired Up and Prada to Nada. When I first saw Fired Up way back last year, I swiftly noticed his charm, his swag and his charisma in acting, not to mention he has an excellent contour and oh-so-hot physique. This afternoon, I was able to watch the movie Prada to Nada after soothing myself by buying some pirated DVDs (sorry OMB!) to watch since I’m pretty quite bored especially during afternoons. Oh, I also bought Sucker Punch. I’ll watch it tomorrow. J

I had no idea that Nick will be there in the movie too. When I saw him, I was like “Sino nga siya?” ‘cause he really is familiar to me. Then I realized he was in the movie Fired Up. As I go on with the movie, I say “I AM IN LOVE!” Yeah, he’s one hell actor! He’s oozing with charisma and you could totally define him as H-O-T!

So that gives me an additional matter on my crush’s list and another apple-to-my-eye. So teenager-ish! Lol!

PS: I love the shirt he is wearing! He's Thomasian at heart too. :P