Thursday, March 31, 2011

Girls Language

1. If I didn't call you, I'm just waiting for you to call me.

2. When I am mad and walk away from you. Follow me, Please?

3. When I push and hit you, grab me and don't let go.

4. When I ignore you, give me your attention.

5. When I say I hate you, say I love you.

6. When I say it's cold, hug me tight.

7. When I tickle you, tickle me back.

8. When I stare at you, I want a kiss.

9. When I started to cry, tell me I can cry on your shoulders.

10.When I give up, Tell me you won't let go.

Reality Bites!

In many relationships there comes a time when one or both members of the couple realize that they are not happy with the relationship anymore. If you're face to face with such a traumatic event, you basically have two choices: either be miserable because your world has come to an end, or learn to overcome it. It is important to acknowledge that the relationship has come to an end, and there will be a period of sadness and mourning. You must accept that you are in shock and expect nothing from yourself other than to keep breathing. Try not to deny that it hurts, but also do not dwell on your misery. It's normal to feel grief and depression for a while. You may find that you are more affected and emotional over the situation than is your partner.

At first, being single might seem weird or even unappealing, especially when you see other couples together. But being single can be a pleasurable experience. There are many advantages to being solo. It makes life simpler. We all have to deal with problems, but being in a relationship means you have to face your partner's problems as well as your own. If you can live your life based on your schedule, you don't have to compromise with a significant other. Before you can commit to a healthy, long lasting relationship, you need to know yourself better. Being single allows you to focus and take better care of yourself. By spending time alone, you learn more about who you are and what you want- which will make it easier for you to choose a partner who can satisfy your needs. Furthermore, being single gives you a chance to meet someone who is better for you. In your lifetime, you might have few opportunities to be single, so enjoy yourself while you can.

Signs If He’s Really In Love With You

  • The most obvious of the signs that he’s in love with you is his desire to spend time with you. When a man is head over heels he’ll find reasons to see the woman he adores. Even if it’s for a mere five minutes at the end of the day, he’ll make the time.
  • On a similar note if he often texts, calls or emails you, he’s got you on his mind. This is another sign that his feelings are pretty intense.
  • Men are known to be very visual which is why they can’t seem to resist looking when a pretty girl walks by. One of the 10 signs he’s in love with you will be that his interest in others won’t be as piqued. If you two are out together he’ll generally focus mostly on you if he’s in love with you.
  • He’ll also be willing to agree to an exclusive arrangement if he’s falling for you. Don’t be at all surprised if he’s the one to suggest it. If he wants you all to himself, that’s another very positive sign.
  • If he constantly wants to hold your hand, kiss you and touch you take that as a sign that he’s falling deeper for you. Although many men aren’t comfortable displaying their affection in public, you may notice him reaching for your hand more often.
  • He’ll also want to pamper you. He may ask if you’ve eaten dinner yet or if you need anything when he calls. This shows he has genuine concern for your well being which always makes a woman feel incredibly special. It’s also another of the clear signs that he’s wild about you.
  • Inviting you to meet the people closest to him is one of the 10 signs he’s in love with you. If he wants you to meet his best friend, or his family take that as a step in the right direction. Men typically don’t just bring any girl home with them to meet mom and dad. You should feel honored and touched.
  • Some men are glued to their television sets at the same time each week to watch their favorite sports team in action. If he wants to do something with you instead of hanging out on the couch, this is great news. He’s putting your interests and needs ahead of his, which shows he cares deeply for you.
  • He’ll also be interested in your opinion if he’s in love. He’ll want you to choose activities for the two of you. This shows that he wants you to be happy, another sign that he’s developing strong feelings for you. It also shows that he values your opinion.
  • The last of the signs that a man is in love with you involves him talking about the future. If he suddenly starts talking about where he sees himself in a few years and if he suggests how great it would be to have children with you, he’s fallen in love with you. Listen carefully to everything he says, often his words will reveal exactly what he’s feeling, even if he doesn’t say those three little words directly.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Just had our second day of jogging but this time, it’s only 3 of us. Same place and same time though we’re a bit late :P


We’re not supposed to take some pictures (though we brought a cam just to make sure :P ) but because we saw a beautiful rainbow, there you go folks, we just took a picture :))


So I am wearing this Warrior Volleyball Jersey way back 3rd year high-school. Lol, I remember lots of things with this :P This jersey was for our intramurals and I happened to be the captain ball of our team. But FYI, I’m a TIGER not a WARRIOR :)


And this is my Long Lost Math Teacher, Sir Catchillar. Yay! :) We’re about to have our breakfast when I saw him riding in his bike and then I told myself, “Si Sir Catchillar ba yun?” And when he’s almost near, I yelled, “SIR CATCHYYYY!” Hahahaha, it was a funny moment. Then he stared at me for about a minute and he recognized my friends but not me :| Then he said, “Sino nga to ulit?” And I was like, “Sirrr, si Charmie po to!!” And he’s like, “Ikaw na ba yan?? Ibang-iba ka na ah! Buhok, katawan, lahat nagbago.” :)) He’s still funny in his own way but at the same time, TALKSHIT as ever. Lol. We invited him for our upcoming reunion and he’s just like, “Sige sama ako. Puntahan niyo lang ako samin.” And we were like, “Okay” then shut up. We already know that. :))

It’s a great day! Great time to start my Wednesday morning :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Back Hugs

Back hugs are the best hugs that you will ever get from the person you love. It’s very different from the usual hugs and it’s sweeter. It seems unexpected when your guy/girl hugged you from behind yet, you will allow yourself to fall in love with that hug.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Jogging With My Hommies!

Had so much fun with my high school classmates just this morning! Fin'lly, we got the chance to talk and reminisce :( :D Jog and burn those fats for summer :D We did jogged, seriously! It just so happened that one of us brought a cam. Lol! We jogged around Alta Tierra then went to EAT at Ryan's eatery, Jev's treat! And I think, our effort to lose some weight us useless. Ask me why? 'Cause after that, we ate so much. We ordered Sopas and Spaghetti while Jev even ordered another food. Great! We will definitely lose some weight then. :| But anyway, it's a fun experience especially the moments. Feeling so high school again. Well, on Monday, we will jog again. Hopefully, by then, no more foods please? Lol. Love you long time, girlfriends! :)

Krispy Kreme After Final Exam

That was taken yesterday after our last day of examination. It was supposed to be a date between me and babe when we saw Mia and Pibey. They’ll be watching a movie also. And then, Ian texted me if I’m with Sam and then I told him ‘yeah’. Very lucky indeed, I remembered he owe me something because I let him copy my answers during our Sales exam. And since I was craving for some tasty donuts,we went to Krispy Kreme, his treat :) I love you Ayala,Alabang-boy/girl :))