Saturday, May 30, 2009

Music is Ecstasy

recently i've been so high listening to songs i love. it's like a drug to me. seriously. i can't stand any second without listening to music. even when i am taking my lunch or dinner, i always have my earphones on my ears. isn't it hilarious? haha. music is ecstasy. that's a fact. well, as for the songs i've been listening... they're mostly rnb/pop genres. most played songs? one time by justin bieber and wait for you forever by mishon. trust me. they're awesome! it's highly recommended. go check it out :) justin bieber is just a 15 year old kid. so you should expect his little voice. but it doesn't matter. the song was still perfect.

yesterday, i've been on the church. we do our mass every saturday and not sunday. but hella way, i'm still a Catholic. supposedly, we will be attending some concert. obviously, we're gonna sing there. unfortunately, our parish priest didn't allowed us to go there because there's a mass and it's a high mass due to Santa Cruzan (it's one of the Philippine cultures where there are queens and everything. girls should wear gowns and barong tagalog for guys. then they will do this parade thing. ) everything's went fine except for some raindrops. so it's a bit messed up. okay, back to the mass... it went fine. and i've heard lots of positive comments with my attire because i'm the one who sang on the altar. it's called salmo. cool, eh?

anyway, i'm in a bit complicated situation. blame it on school :) haha. i chose football for my pe subject. not cool right? i dont know how to play that but because my classmates and i already planned that. unfortunately, during enrolment, i went first and took football. when it was their turn for the encoding of pe subject, there were no more slots for football so they took basketball. good for them, too bad for me. :( what am i supposed to do now? i took football because of them and now i'll be playing football on my own. no not really on my own. of course there are other students. i mean, i have no friends there. :( i can make friends there but it's way way different when you are playing with someone you already knew. i hope i could find some solutions with that. i am hoping that they could let me change my pe subject. so that i could choose basketball too. actually, that's my second choice. err. if only i knew, i should have chosen it.

uhmm, about personal thing.. well, i should say there's someone who always put a smile on my face :D no he's not my boyfriend okay. and the thing is, he always pops in my mind whenever i'm listening to music. awkward aye? but i don't wanna rush things nor misinterpret our closeness. i shouldn't take advantage with that, right? what if i am expecting it wrong? then, i'll be the loser in the end. so i'll be just chillin' here in one corner and wait what will happen in the future. besides, i think he has someone special too. so, all the best to them. no. there's no sarcasm there okay? lol.


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