Friday, May 6, 2011


Just like what I said earlier, I’ll be having a separate post regarding my favorite teacher’s birthday. Her birthday was yesterday that is why we were not able to celebrate it with a party. She has work. Period. She was my teacher since first year high school. She was our adviser then. We are her first batch of students to teach since she’s new in the academe industry (if I am not mistaken). And I could say that she was the most responsible, smartest and nicest teacher we had in our school not to mention she graduated as Summa Cum Laude way back college! Hurray! :) And what makes her our favorite? After years of teaching in our school, she thought of leaving it and look for better opportunities outside. But she didn’t. Know why? Because we haven’t graduated yet. Yes. It’s because of us. She became the adviser of different class of different year levels but it was us she waited to graduate before she could leave. And when we graduated, she left the school. Sweet aye? That is why she was my and OUR favorite teacher of all time! I love you ma’am! Belated Happy Birthday! :)

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  1. *Teary Eyed* Oh my Gosh! I had received a lot of tribute from all over the blogosphere. I feel so special and loved.

    Thank you very much pillow! To hell where did you get those pictures? LOL!!! They're old school! I love them!

    Sorry, because of me the outing that we planned didn't pushed through, but we will still go for it. I'll just have to fix my damn hectic schedule.

    Take care and thank you very much! Love you More!