Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No Fun.

Well, this is Drew Seeley. I've been loving him so much recently because of his great songs. i have watched already his movie entitled "Another Cinderella Story" with Selena Gomez and it's freaking wonderful. the story was awesome and people could really relate to it. the story of Cinderella had been old to people and like when you heard Cinderella, it's like.. Oh yeah, i know that story. a girl who left her shoe because it was almost midnight and she was with this sort of a curfew or else, she will be revealed as a freakin' maid inside a ball and that a prince will look for her.. blah blah blah.. but this movie.. wow! it seems .. ughh, what can i say, i'm so speechless and all i can do is smile and wish that it could happen to me also. lol. I've already watched also the "Cinderella Story" by Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. and just like Another Cinderella Story, it made my heart melt. lol.

recently, i've been listening to his song "No Classic", the acoustic version. it is so good! you have to check it out. it feels im falling in love over and over again because of that song. it keeps me high. :) and one thing, everytime i look at his pictures.. it keeps on reminding me of our Commerce Student Council President. his name is Junimar. i dunno, for some reason.. they have resemblance. haha

i've been doing nothing lately. it was no fun. boredom really kills me.. but i guess i really need this time for me to be relaxed because school is already coming and i know, stress won't leave me again. i need to prepare myself for tough examinations and loads of homeworks.

i've heard this news about the disappeared plane. it's like.. oh my gosh! it sounds unreal! like, was that supposed to be real? or like, possible? how come it disappeared just like that? but anyhow, i felt pity for the families of those missing people. i know the authority are doing their best to solve that incident and i hope they'll be successful with that. and i know, God will help them so let's just pray on bended knees for good results.

Oh well, i just wondered, would it be possible for the "Cast Away" movie by Tom Hanks to happen? i mean, what if there's one survivor from that plane then he was stranded all alone in an island? possible right? okay, im just imagining things, so don't get me wrong. lol.

okay, that's all for tonight.


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