Saturday, January 1, 2011

Because it is NOT SO YOU

It’s weird having those feelings you haven’t imagined you will feel. Those feelings you think you weren’t supposed to feel because it is not so you. Those feelings that make you willing to give up everything. It’s like you don’t care about your pride anymore. You don’t care how people look and think of you. It’s weird because before, you’ve been the one who always hurt and break someone’s heart. The one who always make someone upset and feel jealous because you’re mingling with a lot of people. The one who doesn’t care about the feelings of that person who likes and cares about you. The one who only wants is to enjoy life, party all night, and fulfill your dreams.

And then one day, there’s this guy who came and changed your life. This guy who changed the way you act, talk and almost everything. This guy who made you all of a sudden faithful with your partner. It’s like you’re now beginning to feel scared with what will happen in the future. Before, you’re just a go-with-the-flow type of person. Now, you want everything to be planned well and this guy is always included with those plans. You started to fret and be anxious about everything because you don’t want to fail him or somehow affect him negatively. Everything is all about the people you love, the things you care the most and HIM. And that is SO NOT YOU. You learned how to love someone unconditionally. You can deal with your time really well so that it won’t be a predicament to your relationship. You’re being brave enough to face all the challenges and state of affairs that might happen because of having him. You’re scared of being broken yet you’re willing to put your guard down and accept the risk of being hurt because you can’t afford to lose him and you can never imagine your future without him. Weird isn’t it?

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