Friday, January 21, 2011


This is actually what we are thinking. What we desire to do in the future. After we are over and done with all our errands in life, after we pursue our sought careers, after we helped our family and give them back our appreciation for all the things they have done for us, when time comes when we are ready for real life, THIS is what we want, what we are thinking to do in the future. Go to work and come home, in the same home, where we live together, eat together and sleep together. Talk for future plans, for our own family. It’ll be perfect even just the two of us only. This is perfection.

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  1. It's nice you have plans like that! Somehow you're heading to something, but don't take it so seriously. Let flow like it should be. Just enjoy the moment. Don't rush things out, cause when your time is done, you can't get it back.