Friday, February 25, 2011

Do More Things With Less Time by Francis Kong

How do I describe the times? I will simply describe this generation as a time-starved generation wherein every single precious minute has to be carefully planned or else we fall into the trap of “lack-of-time” sickness. There’s just too many things we need to do with so very little time available for us so here is an idea.

I have managed to do hundreds of talks and seminars in a year and these are not just stationary assignments. The venues where the seminars are held are spread out all over the country and some of them abroad as well.

What I will do is to share with you certain ideas that have worked for me as far as making the best use of time is concerned and hope that you find these useful as well.


Choosing your outfit in the morning when you are in a hurry to rush to the office will actually require more time from you to make a decision. And when you’re not confident, you feel that the colors do not match, and you’re looking for that particular piece of garment and cannot find it then precious time is ticking away and you become stressed.

Plan your outfit including your underwear.

And while we are in the subject matter of clothes, you might want to prepare a selection of special outfits for special occasions. These are the clothes that make you feel confident and fabulous. The right clothes increses our confidence and when we are confident we work better. Unless you’re like Popeye’s girlfriend Olive Oil whose closet contains clothes that are exactly similar that she wears from day to day, then choosing something would not be a problem.


Don’t live in denial. There are many people who would go into their mindless email, facebook, twitter and other social network habit and this really takes up a lot of their precious time away from doing things that could have been more sustantial. You know…things like letting the kids know you’re alive or letting the spouse know you care.

Some people use cell phones and do SMS as a procrastination device. Some people check their email every 10 seconds. Some people live in their FaceBook world. Eliminate this habit and you get to save some precious hours in a day.

Don’t even check your email at work the first hour you get there. Work on the important things first and declare to yourself that you are in control and that technology does not control you.


Many people spend hours watching TV or DVD movies and this is one large chunk of time consuming activity that robs them of being able to do more productive things. Substitute screens with books or if you have to surf the Net make sure that your surfing activities are in conjunction with the search for information that adds value to your work life and personal life.


You don’t need to color code your clothing like many OC’s I know. I am the exact opposite of Obsessive Compulsives or OC’s. I am Messy! But I do organize my closets and drawers according to the way I think. Some people get dressed and think in terms of garments; others think of their clothes more by occasion: work clothes, weekend clothes, dress-up clothes." What is your preference? This saves you a lot of time thinking.


Many people miss this. The first quality hour of my day is spent doing quiet time. A time to pray, meditate on Scriptures. Talking to God and hearing Him talk. This builds my internal strength that would equip me with the strength to deal with the challenges of the day. This also affords me with quality “think-time.” Many of the best work I have in what I do come after my quiet time.

Hugging the kids, sharing stories with them. Enjoying dinner with the family are not time wasters, they are the reason why we want to manage our time correctly. For after all, the way we spend out time is the way we live our life. Live it well.

God bless you.

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