Friday, March 25, 2011

Jogging With My Hommies!

Had so much fun with my high school classmates just this morning! Fin'lly, we got the chance to talk and reminisce :( :D Jog and burn those fats for summer :D We did jogged, seriously! It just so happened that one of us brought a cam. Lol! We jogged around Alta Tierra then went to EAT at Ryan's eatery, Jev's treat! And I think, our effort to lose some weight us useless. Ask me why? 'Cause after that, we ate so much. We ordered Sopas and Spaghetti while Jev even ordered another food. Great! We will definitely lose some weight then. :| But anyway, it's a fun experience especially the moments. Feeling so high school again. Well, on Monday, we will jog again. Hopefully, by then, no more foods please? Lol. Love you long time, girlfriends! :)


  1. Love the 1st and second picture. You guys look awesome. Glad you had fun time together and I'm jealous. aren't we gonna have a fun filled summer? any plans so far? Let me know. I so miss you guys. So much!

  2. Aww, if you still live here, we will surely invite you to come with us :) April 10, tentative date ma'am. I'll inform you as soon as possible. You hav'ta come with us! :)