Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reality Bites!

In many relationships there comes a time when one or both members of the couple realize that they are not happy with the relationship anymore. If you're face to face with such a traumatic event, you basically have two choices: either be miserable because your world has come to an end, or learn to overcome it. It is important to acknowledge that the relationship has come to an end, and there will be a period of sadness and mourning. You must accept that you are in shock and expect nothing from yourself other than to keep breathing. Try not to deny that it hurts, but also do not dwell on your misery. It's normal to feel grief and depression for a while. You may find that you are more affected and emotional over the situation than is your partner.

At first, being single might seem weird or even unappealing, especially when you see other couples together. But being single can be a pleasurable experience. There are many advantages to being solo. It makes life simpler. We all have to deal with problems, but being in a relationship means you have to face your partner's problems as well as your own. If you can live your life based on your schedule, you don't have to compromise with a significant other. Before you can commit to a healthy, long lasting relationship, you need to know yourself better. Being single allows you to focus and take better care of yourself. By spending time alone, you learn more about who you are and what you want- which will make it easier for you to choose a partner who can satisfy your needs. Furthermore, being single gives you a chance to meet someone who is better for you. In your lifetime, you might have few opportunities to be single, so enjoy yourself while you can.


  1. duh? are you single? I should be the one posting that, don't you think? hahaha! you're right.

    God will let you love yourself first before He'll lead you to your lifetime partner.

  2. Haha, nah! I posted it already in my FB notes way back last year (when I was still in a complicated situation) :P But anywho, you could still re-post it if you want to :D