Friday, May 6, 2011


Yes, it’s my friend’s birthday todaaaay! He’s my classmate way back high school. A very loving friend and such a nice person. Just so you know, he was my former suitor, an avid fan of mine. Lol. But seriously, he’s too serious and very sincere during our courting days. Unfortunately, there’s no “us” in the end because I was too young then and I was like enjoying my life being single and of course, with boys. :P But after all that heartbreaking love story of ours, we still managed to become friends and not only just friends, but very close friends. Even though he lives miles away, we’re still able to communicate with each other whenever we have the time. Today’s his birthday but we’re not going to celebrate it today. Well perhaps, with his other friends but for our circle of friends, we’re gonna celebrate his and our favorite teacher’s (gonna have a separate post on that) birthday. It’s a double celebration baby!

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  1. Happy Birthday Wowo! Miss yah! I feel very bad you guys didn't end up together, but I admire you both for the strong friendship. yay for that

    Chubby Bear nyahahaha!