Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meet My New Prince!

Nicholas D’Agosto. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Nicholas was a student there at the time of Election(1999). He later moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend school at Marquette University, graduating cum laude with degrees in History and Theatre. The middle of five children (two older brothers, two younger sisters), Nicholas has only seen his family expand as recently he became an uncle.

Some of you here might know him. He’s one of the lead actors from the movie Fired Up and Prada to Nada. When I first saw Fired Up way back last year, I swiftly noticed his charm, his swag and his charisma in acting, not to mention he has an excellent contour and oh-so-hot physique. This afternoon, I was able to watch the movie Prada to Nada after soothing myself by buying some pirated DVDs (sorry OMB!) to watch since I’m pretty quite bored especially during afternoons. Oh, I also bought Sucker Punch. I’ll watch it tomorrow. J

I had no idea that Nick will be there in the movie too. When I saw him, I was like “Sino nga siya?” ‘cause he really is familiar to me. Then I realized he was in the movie Fired Up. As I go on with the movie, I say “I AM IN LOVE!” Yeah, he’s one hell actor! He’s oozing with charisma and you could totally define him as H-O-T!

So that gives me an additional matter on my crush’s list and another apple-to-my-eye. So teenager-ish! Lol!

PS: I love the shirt he is wearing! He's Thomasian at heart too. :P

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