Monday, September 26, 2011

When Tigers Invaded Vito Cruz!

September 26, 2011, our class had a trip of going to Zark’s in Vito Cruz just in front of De La Salle University. We were 16 so we had to occupy a lot of space of the small room.

While waiting, my blockmates are telling me how big their burgers are. And yes indeed, it is very big. I wasn’t able to finish eating it though they have a promo that you have to eat it within 5 minutes so that it’ll be free. But I guess I’ll just choose to savour the food I was eating than desperately eat it within 5 minutes.

And since I wasn’t able to finish it, I had to take it out. I ate it for dinner, and still, I wasn’t able to finish it. I guess, eating is not really my thing. Lol.


  1. It's SO BIG! Picture pa lang busog na ako. I have to starve myself for like 2 days then I'll go there. hahaha!

  2. waha! kumaen na din kami jan sa Zarks! nyaha!

    3 kaming nag dare nung challenge na yan.. ayun! free yung burger namin haha! my time is 4 mins and 20 seconds yata? ^_^ weeeee! after that muntik na ako sumuka sa kotse hehe.

  3. @Sey: True! You really have to starve yourself before eating it. And btw, you havta to do some rituals first. Lol

    @Xan Gerna: Woah! No way! How did you do that? 0.o