Sunday, October 16, 2011

One More Semester!

Thank God for all the blessings. Finally, I got my grades. I can now finally say that the semester has finally ended and that my vacation starts right now. I was a bit anxious about my grades especially on Internet Marketing. Our final paper didn't turned out well and I was expecting a very low grade. But lucky me, I still got 1.75. :) Yes! One more semester and I'll be graduating from my dearest university. But for now, I have to focus on my On-The-Job Training and yes, Defense! Btw, I'm kinda expecting a lower grade for my OR course but looks like I did well. Well, partly. Lol. But International Marketing? Puh-lease! I almost perfected her quizzes and exams! Anyways, since I got a low semestral average, looks like I'll be having some difficulties in getting that Magna Cum Laude Award. I'll just hope that next semester would be better. Ciao! :)

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