Saturday, January 7, 2012


Do you know why I love the month of January? Indeed, it is my birth month. Few more days and I’ll be a teen no more. Yes, I’m turning 20 this 12th of January. It may sound so good though but I feel otherwise. Maybe because I don’t like the thought of growing old and that I have to be more independent. And I admit, I somehow fear to face what the world stores for me. Few more months, I’ll be graduating from college, I’ll be looking for a job and create my own destiny. Can I handle that? Nuff said.

Anyway, I don’t really hate the fact that I’m getting older, especially when I think of birthdays and celebrations. Hey, it’s my birthday and I’m the “Star of the Day”. Lol. But what I love most about birthdays is that people I haven’t talked for some times will greet me, will talk to me. It’s like meeting a long lost friend and then you’ll chat and reminisce. Good old days aye?

So birthdays will not be completed without birthday wish lists. It’s actually my first time to make one because I don’t really take accounts to gifts during my birthdays. So, I’ll make this list just to because I want to do so and not because it will make my birthday happier.

1. Greetings from Chris Brown and Lebron James via Twitter. (Oh, did I ever tell you I’m a huge fan of those two? :P )

2. A BB Torch. ( I’ll be getting this one soon though)

3. To experience Manila Eye

4. A red lipstick. Like super red. Hihi.

5. Satchel bag.

I guess that would be all. Of course, prayers, friendship and love would be the best gift ever but please, I beg you guys, help me to have the first one. Hihi. If you are willing to help me, follow me on twitter: Ciao!


  1. Your wishlist is so easy to accomplish. Kaya ng papa and mama mo yan (the material things)but i dunno what to do with number one though....let me see.. Happy Birthday Pillow...and congratulations

  2. Thanks ma'am! Unfortunately, my first wishlist failed. Haha. Oh well, I'm happy naman with my birthday. Masyado lang ako nag-ambisyon :)) I miss you! On my graduation celebration, be there ha :)