Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another School Year

i haven't got the time to write some blog recently because of school. okay, i'm starting to blame school now for being busy. no, i'm not into school right now. i'm still on my vacation but it's almost over. so sad. June 9 will be the hell day for me. lol. and i always feel the same way whenever school is about to start, a feeling of excitement, nervousness and sadness.

why excitement? it's because i will have my allowance! :) yey. no i'm not kidding. it's a great factor why i always wanted to go to school. lol. you could consider it as my inspiration. haha. another thing is that, i can meet new people. you know, new blockmates, new fuck*ng professors and a lot more. and also, i am getting excited for school activities like Thomasian Walk for freshmen. well, in that event, freshmen will do this parade thing then, a mass (of course we're a Catholic community) then, a concert in the evening where popular bands will be present. yeah, it's actually for freshmen but so what? we could still watch it. ohoho, now i missed being a freshman. it's like, people treats you so special because you're still a freshman. :( but hey, being a sophomore student is kinda exciting too, right? well, i hope so. i hope i won't be messed up by professors. lol and i think being sophomore gives you a lot of opportunities. i'm talking here about exploring new things. i could learn how to travel all by myself, decide for myself and other things that i haven't yet tried. i hope i won't get lost when i try to go to places i've never been before. :) and i also hope i won't be able to meet bad guys out there. sometimes, it really freaks me out living in a city. don't get me wrong.. i love it too. okay i'm lost now. enough of that. there's also the Paskuhan event in our school during Christmas, those College's weeks and a lot more. exciting huh? :)

talking about nervousness.. i can't say that i am totally relaxed knowing that i will meet new professors again. new freaking hard lessons, difficult homeworks, breath-taking examinations, and other things that has only one goal for students..TO GIVE HEADACHE. lol. i'm getting nervous because i would be dealing again with new people. yesterday, i just received a news from one of my blockmates that there are changes in our blocks and that our previous section had been dissolved. so it's like.. omg! what happened? what section am i in now? am i with some of my previous blockmates? does our professor really hates our section that's why she dissolved our class?i was really shocked. last school year, i belong to 1-Iam section. this section is the bomb! people here are awesome and i'll never forget them no matter what. but it sucks knowing that i was moved to 2-Gam section. but thank God i am not alone. i am with some of my previous blockmates and majority there are my previous blockmates. so, fun fun fun :) however, there will be some new people on our class. but i hope, being friends with them will turn out good. and because of this happening, sadness entered the scene. i will really miss this class. i know we're not in high school anymore and that being shuffled was like a normal thing to us. but because of the thought that we're in a block section, we never thought that we will be shuffled except for those who have failed and those who transferred. it's a relief to know that we will be able to meet new friends but still, 1Iam batch 2008-09 will be the best forever.

oh, the picture above was just a random picture i took from net. yeah, that's our school but only the main building. if you want to see more pictures of our school, you could google it. just type University of Santo Tomas. hope you will like our university.

i also forgot to mention that i have been in my enrolment earlier. it was really tiring and my foot really ached. if you could try walking back and forth within our school grounds, waiting in a very long line for the new uniforms while wearing heels, you'll know what i am talking about. lol

alright, i'll stop here. i need to update my other sites.

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