Wednesday, May 13, 2009

if this isn't love..

nothing so special with this day. actually i'm thinking of not writing a blog today. i dont know why i ended up writing. lol.

just like an ordinary day. sitting in front of my laptop, chatting, downloading, watching movies and listening to music. omg, i hate boredom. it's killing me. i can't think of anything to do except watch movies and play guitar. i don't wanna sleep. i don't want to gain weight. haha.

i've been listening to jennifer hudson's song for like an hour. lol. it keeps on playing because i love it. and if it isn't obvious, yeah.. it's on a repeat mode. lol i just love the song. the song itself and not the meaning. i dont really get the meaning of the song. there's no deep sense. okay, enough with that.

oh btw, david archuleta's arrival makes me more excited. haha. i totally love him. when i saw his arrival on tv it's like.. omg! and then when he talked... it's like.. dammit! he's so gorgeous and very nice! how come he's so gorgeous and so nice. on the other hand, david cook's arrival is so boring! i think he's so arrogant. i know he won as american idol but duh? he doesn't deserve it. i mean, david archuleta sings way better than him. besides, after he won.. he hasn't got any beautiful songs compare to david archuleta who has this songs that top the charts. besides, "always be my baby" was the only good song he sung which was just a revival. if it wasn't because of the people of america.. cook won't won. even simon loves archuleta. okay, i dont really hate cook. i just think archuleta's better than him. and not because he's cute or what. he just simply sings better than cook. im sorry for cook's fans. haha.

i think i'll end it here. bye.

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