Wednesday, May 13, 2009

am i the worst daughter?

i don't feel very lucky today. :( my mom and i just argue. why? for some reason. have you ever feel like you're the worst person for making your mother so upset with you just because of telling her what you feel? i know she's my mother but for God's sake! i have the right to tell her that i don't like what she's been doing lately. i am her daughter. she has to be sensitive if i like her actions or not.
now what? i made her cry. she told me that she's been observing me all the time because i'm not treating her right recently. she feels like she's been treated just like my sister and not a mother. okay, maybe i was wrong for talking to her in not a nice way but if i didn't do it.. she won't realize her mistake. and now she's ignoring me. the hell! of course i care about that and i feel sorry for her. but i don't regret what i said to her. don't get me wrong.. i love my mother. may be i just have to wait till her anger hoops down.

anyway, i've been watching David Archuleta on television. he will have his concert here on saturday with David Cook. i really wanna go there but i think i can't :( it's very frustrating on my part because i'm a very huge fan of David A. I always watch American Idol during his season. and now that he's here i can't see him? very frustrating, isn't that?

oh btw, i can read his post in twitter. i've been asking him some questions and i hope he will reply. if he does, my day won't go that bad.

i'm watching volleyball game here. can't think of anything to do and it's so hot here. maybe i'll stop here.



  1. Don't let it bother you.
    Yes, your mom was very wrong to talk to you that way. I feel for you. You need to understand that her acting out like that, is only HER inner pain coming out. She is not happy. She loves you, I am sure of that.
    you should forgive her for all her wrong doings and mistakes, You have to. Or it will eat you up inside and you will do the same to your kids. Let it go. Chalk it up to "it's her pain. it's her issues" .It has nothing to do with her love for you. OK. I hope I helped, I hope I made you feel better.

  2. I don't know the reason why you had this argument with her but no matter what, remember, she's your mother.

    Try to put yourself on her shoes. Try to understand her okay. How old is she? Maybe it is just a mood swing....MISS YOU PILLOW...take care...!