Saturday, July 18, 2009

He's Just Someone I Always See.

i've been liking someone. yeah, i just felt strange whenever i see him. he's from the other dormitory near ours. it so happened that in our dorm, we have a canteen and it is open to everyone. he and his friends usually eat here. there are lot of times when we noticed that we're looking at each other. he's not totally the hot guy if that's what you are imagining. he's not ugly either. he's simple. and we're just going to same university. he's a bit quiet whenever he's with his friends. there's just something in him that i like and i don't know what exactly is that. i'm just having a crush, right? it's normal. haha. i don't even know his name and i am too shy to ask to our landlord about him. yeah, they're a bit close. they even played poker here with our landlord. haha, funny right? i don't know what he thinks about me. i just like him. that's all.



  1. oppps! falling inlove again? be careful OK! make sure is not committed to anyone...always remember never ever enter in a situation where you could hurt someone else (it wouldn't be fair for them and for you too if you were in thier shoes)....if he is free and 100% available, then gogogo! Let him meet me OK! Miss you!