Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just Bored!

guess what, i have no class today! yay! lol. yeah, i have no class today because of the bad weather. actually, i havae no class since yesterday because there's a faculty union in our university. so i have got nothing to do here in our room so i just decided to write something. and later, i might watch a movie i just downloaded. and oh, i am hoping also that we have no class tomorrow because i have a quiz tomorrow on Economics. the lesson is fine but you know, i'm kinda nervous of complicated questions that might asked there. but it's kinda fun because youll be graphing the demand and the supply and then you have to get the equilibrium. just a bit stressful :) lol

anyway, since i have no class yesterday i just slept the whole morning. then, when i woke up i've been doubting if i'll be watching the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. yeah, it opened yesterday. just so you know, i am a big HP fan. lol, not the printer device. haha. nad the thing here was, i watched it by myself. haha. for some, it might sound.. "so what?" but all of my friends were laughing at me. they can't believe that i could watch a movie all alone just because i love HP. it's weird for them. lol, so what? it's Harry Potter for god's sake! and it's the second to the last of Harry Potter series so i have to watch it. even without accompany. :)) okay, i'm a huge fan i know. some hates HP, but for me it's the best! believe me. if you only watched it from the beginning, you'll like it too. some hates it because they weren't able to watch it from the beginning. haha. they're just bitter. just kiddin' :))

the movie was great! :) actually, all HP movies were great for me. i have already read that book. the movie was quite the same with the story in the book. though, of course, there were some changes and some of the happenings from the book were not in the movie. well of course i know, they can't fit all of it in just 2 hours and a half movie. i just wonder what will happen with the movie if they exactly followed the story in the book.and they did it with 2 hours and a half. haha. i can't imagine :) but all else are great! you should watch it too. especially to those, Daniel Radcliffe fans! yeah, i'm one of them. haha. there were lots of love stories between Harry and Ginny and also between Ron and Hermoine. and you'll laugh hard also. imagine me, laughing alone :)) haha. and you'll cry too :( when i read the book i cried also. although i already know the story, i can't help but still cry when i watched the movie. lol. oh my gosh, did i spoiled a lot? haha. my apology! :D

another thing, the guy i was telling you before.. i already know his name. i was shocked when i saw him in our college building. he's also a commerce student and a sophomore too. we just saw each other when we're on our way to speech laboratory for our speech class. he was just there and he's talking to one of my classmates. and it happened that my classmate was my partner in one of our activities. so i talked to him, then HE saw me. then we just stared at each other. i can visualize that he's in shocked too. lol. but if course, i act as if everything's normal even though for real, i wanna jump because of shock. i already know his name. but i won't tell you :D and this morning, he had no class too. duh, of course we have the same course. he was with his friends and they ate here. so, i saw him :) haha. my day was just complete. haha. okay, fair enough. i'm talking too much. yeah, i guess i'm right. haha.

so, i think i should go now. i'm not busy though. i'm trying to make myself busy but i don't know how. :| maybe i'll just watch a movie or sleep, or... whatever. i wanna go home now. :( i wish i don't have saturday class! alright, i'll go now :)


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