Saturday, August 22, 2009

University's Pool Party!

Sorry if I wasn’t able to post a blog as much as I used to. This week was hell week. Yeah, literally. We already had our preliminary examination. It’s really stressing, though, it’s much easier than last years’. And what I hated was our examination in our computer subject. Can you imagine having a preliminary exam in a lengthwise yellow pad paper?? I mean, what was that? It was just like a quiz. But I swear to death that the content of exam was very very difficult. It’s like forever before you could answer it. Our professor told us to read this “Halloween Documents” thing. It’s an anti-Microsoft document. It’s really interesting, but it’s totally long! You got 60 pages to read with an 8 font size! Imagine? And the worst thing was, the questions in our exam were more on acronyms and enumeration. Well, it was much easier if it is in the documents but hell no. they were there but it has no meaning and he said we should have searched for the meaning of them. That’s whatever! I still can’t get over it but yeah, that’s life! That’s college life!

We have no class today but we are supposed to have one. And it’s frustrating because it is supposed to be the last day of our exam. We are supposed to have 2 departmental exams (Economics and Marketing). But our class was suspended because of the heavy rain. It was started from 2 in the morning. It’s really startling because there’s a thunder, very strong thunder. I alarmed my phone by 4:30am to study again but I actually disabled it because of the heavy storm and like, I know deep inside that there will be no classes. Then I woke around 7am and my classmates were like flooding my inbox and asking if there will still be a class. I have no credits so I ended up buying some credits. Then I looked at the window, and it’s like… “What the f*ck?!” there’s a flood out there and it was knee level! Then I saw the table in our canteen below, it was floating there on the road. That’s hilarious! Lol. And we’re waiting like an hour for an official announcement. And I hate it because it’s too late. Like, some of the students were on their way to school because they have no idea that our school was flooded like hell. And unfortunately for them, some of them were stranded. So much for them.

And my classmates were like, enjoying the no-classes day. It was like, duh? What’s good about that?? I’ve studied my lessons for 2 days and just like that? The exam will be postponed?? That’s really frustrating you know. It will be re-scheduled on Monday and I hate it. I am supposed to be relaxing by now and tomorrow, just chillin’ at home and surf the internet. But hell no! I still have to study! I hate it so much.

And since there’s no class, I really want to go home now. But the problem was how am I supposed to do that? The water was knee-level, so how how how? Well, if you’re thinking that I should go and pay no heed to the flood, you’re right! That’s what I did. And it was like hell! I swear I don’t wanna do it again. It’s really gross, seeing that your feet are under the dark water with trashes on it and say, feces?? That’s gross! I really have to put alcohol on my legs. And then, at last, I got home. And hurriedly went to the bathroom and took a shower. I felt like I’m so dirty and full of unknown microorganisms. Haha.

Okay, I’m so blah-blah-blah-ing here. I have to end this and go to church. Just a little side note, that picture was taken by an architecture student in our university and was posted in the internet. So I decided to grab it and post it here. Well, that’s the main building of our university. And look below, there’s the flood. Our school was flooded so what more on the outside? Haha, imagine it. I posted that picture so you could have an idea how gross the flood was.

Alright, I gotta go now. Bye npw.


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