Saturday, July 25, 2009

How Frustrating Is That??

hey, i'm home now and really feels great to be home :) earlier, we only had 2 subjects so i just spent 2 hours in school. and i felt lazy goin'to school. if i could just absent. just one day. haha. if it wasn't because of my Calculus subject, i won't go. i can't miss one class in that subject. i'll find it hard to catch the lesson if i did. but it was a great day, so far.

anyway, i am already a novice of Marketing and Communications Committee in our organization. but it is a different organization. not the Pre-Com one, which i have told you before. when i was interviewed, HE was there. yeah, the guy i've been always telling you. and he noticed me. haha. he was getting something in a cabinet near the desk of where i sit. then he noticed me, then he asked me if what happened to the other organization. i told him that it was already closed but i managed to apply to other organization. and i heard that he will also join our organization next year. he's going to be a novice also. so.. :) haha. well, i rarely see him. i think he's a bit busy with the organization. but, so what? :D

i also came back to our chorale. yeah, fyi, i am a soprano member of the commerce chorale. and it just happened that i have done 1 solo during the pre-concert of Himig Tomasino. :) and it feels good to be back. there were new members and they were good. the chorale really sounds great this year and it sounds balance. i hope it will be our year :) wish us luck!

i've been reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. i just borrowed it from one of my blockmates. it's the book 7 and the last book. so i have to enjoy every page of it. haha. i just read the synopsis of the book on internet. so, i already have the idea about the story. but still, reading the book makes a lot of sense. not because i love reading, but because i love Harry Potter. :)

oh, i just want to share that i have my new uniform now. haha. yeah, the student council had this project to have a new uniform. just so you know, ou previous uniform was white just lie medicine and nursing students. duh? we're business students. we should be wearing some corporate attire. and that's the fulfillment!haha. i'll be wearing them next week. i'm kinda excited :)) haha

last night, there was the Freshmen Walk in our university. it happened every year. i thought i just told you about that with my previous blogs. yeah, i think i was. then, just like the usual thing..there's a concert after the mass. and the thing here is, i wasn't able to go to the concert. they said that the bands who will be performing we're not that popular. so i decided not to go. but this morning, i just found out from my seatmate that it was Sponge Cola who performed. dammit! they are my ever favorite band! i've been waiting so long to see them, and i've wasted so many concerts hoping to find them there. and the night they are in our university, i wasn't there!!! OMG, i wanna cry!! :(( i've been waiting so long, since highschool to see Yael in person. i was just few steps from our school, from Spongecola! but i wasn't able.huhu :(

okay, i think i'm over reacting. but i am really frustrated. :( i'll just leave you here.


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