Monday, September 28, 2009


hey there! wait, it's like almost a month since my last post, am i right? lol. well, many events happened recently. actually some of them were calamities and it really sucks. yeah, it does! imagine, sleeping without electricity, good food, phone and laptop battery?? it's like hell! yeah, i'm telling you, do not dare to experience it.

last week, we had our commerce week and it was totally fun! the costumes were awesome and i really can't believe that those freshmen were very creative. we had this theme, mtv stuffs. we should wear costumes that would portray our selected music video. we ran out late, so we have no choice but to wear army stuffs. it was based on the video "simulan mo na" by pedicab if i'm not mistaken. but the thing here was, those other sections were like very creative especially the freshmen! one of the sections portrayed "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry and they're like very good! the girls were wearing wedding gowns and and the guys wore suits. two humbs up for them! and there was this guy with his very fabulous car, he portrayed Flo Rida! haha, imagine that :)) and you know what? i saw a car during the parade and i promise that that would be my dream car! it colors red and a top-down thing and it really looks fabulous! for sure, it has a rich owner. i wonder if i will be able to have that one too.

anyway, Philippines is in a state of calamity because of the typhoon Ondoy. i think dead bodies were now more than a hundred. so i hope that my loved ones and also others would be safe. i can't forget our experience in our dormitory. last saturday, our class was dismissed by 10am because of the heavy rain. i was able to get back to our dormitory but it was hella difficult because the rain was getting heavier and that there were "small" floods. on our dormitory, i was getting ready to go back home but because of the heavy rain i decided to let it hoop out first. unfortunately, it didn't! instead, it gets a lot heavier. so i then decided not to go home that day. i was watching some movie in my laptop to kill some time then the power just went out! that really sucks! so turned off my laptop and waited for the electicity to come back, but still no power present :( until it gets dark, there's still no power. thank God some of my friends in the other room were there so i was not alone. and my roommate' classmates were there because they were also stranded. you see, the flood was almost deep waist so you can't dare walk through it. you'll die! lol. so they slept in our room. it looked like an evacuation center. haha. then there's still no power the next day. it really sucks.

earlier, when i was on my way home, i was riding in a bus then suddenly the bus just bumped into another car! obviously, there's an accident. i was really shocked because i was sitting just behind the driver and the bumped thing occured near me. i was in total shock and i don't know what to do. thank God i came back home alive! lol

maybe the thing i will be thankful of is that our classes were suspended until Wednesday. so, that would be a much long vacation.

okay, i thing i'm outta here. i want to say so many things and in detailed but i don't think i'm in the right mood right now. so gotta say goodbye and goodnight for awhile :)


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