Friday, October 29, 2010

EK with my LOVE!

Yesterday was so fun! We went to Enchanted Kingdom to celebrate Ronald's birthday. :> It was actually a surprise for him. He had no idea where to go, I just told him that we will go somewhere on that date. Faye and Gin went with us to celebrate their monthsary.

We arrived there at 11:30am. There were only a few people that time so we were able to ride almost all rides. We went first to Rialto since it was afternoon and we want some cold place. Then Flying Fiesta, Dodgem, Up up and Away, and then Anchor’s Away. After Anchor’s Away, we took some rest. We almost lost our souls because of that. Haha! Then we went to Space Shuttle, another breathtaking ride! It was my first time to ride there. It was really great! I really enjoyed it though Ronald’s was laughing after because he can’t even talk to me. He told me after the ride, I was just sitting quietly and doing my own thing. He was tapping me but I’m just ignoring him. Lol. But I really have no idea that I was ignoring him. Then we took some rest again. Lol. Then again, we went to Anchor’s Away and Space Shuttle. The park was getting crowded so it was pretty difficult to take some rides because the lanes are getting longer. Then we went to Ferris Wheel and this time, I was laughing at him because I didn’t know that he’s afraid of heights. J We were actually planning to go straight to Horror House after that but the ticket booth was already closed. So, that sucks! We weren’t able to ride in Xtreme, Jungle Log Jam and Rio Grande because we enjoyed too much riding in Space Shuttle and Anchor’s Away.

After, we went to KFC in SLEX to take some dinner. The bonding was so cool. I didn’t expect that Ronald would be able to mingle well with Faye and Gin.

October 28, 2010 was so memorable. I love you :) <3

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