Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fight for Something You Think You can’t Live Without

Hello! So I’m back. :)What should I write? What? What? What? It’s 12:10 in the morning and I’m not yet sleepy. I decided to write because there’s something inside of me. I don’t know what it is but I’m gonna try my best to explain it here.
So here goes nothing.

Earlier, I had this bad mood during OUR conversation. I knew it was nothing to him like it meant nothing for him when he said that certain word. But what first came to my mind was his ex-girlfriend. I know it was my fault because I shouldn’t be thinking that way because he already assured me that what happened with the past should be left in the past. I’m his present so I should trust him. Yes, I know. But I’m a little kinda obnoxious whenever he said something which I thing was related or has to do something with his past. Whenever he said something about his past, first thing that pops to my mind is his ex-girlfriend. Fine, you may say I’m insecure but she was his firsts, what do you expect me to feel? She received all his bests and all his firsts and that’s what I am insecure of. Past is past, yeah, and believe me I really wanna forget about his past but I can’t stop. I don’t know how to stop. Of course I trust him. I know he loves me. It’s me who has the problem. I’m quite sure that every girl experienced it especially if they’re not the first girlfriend of their boyfriends. I think what I’m feeling is normal. I know he might read this so I am requiring him to do nothing but to stay sweet as he is. He’s perfect and I couldn’t ask for more. His love, that’s all I need. He needs to prove nothing but his faithfulness and being trustworthy and so do I. Three months turning to 4 months is quite short to prove ourselves that our relationship could last long. No one knows what will happen in the future. We never know if we could make it through or not. But I am rest assured that we will do our best to be strong for whatever problems and obstacles we might encounter. What I felt earlier can be considered as a trial on my part to test my faith on him. Love prevails. Fight for something you think you can’t live without. And that’s what we are doing. :)

Alright! I think I wrote enough. Its 12:40am, I think I should get some sleep now because the person I am referring to in this blog was already asleep and might be snoring right now. Lol. Okay, that’s all for today and goodnight! :)

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