Sunday, April 3, 2011

My 3rd Year Second Semester Grades!

Finally! After waiting for a few hours because of that epic MyUSTe site, I have my grades now! Yes and I am definitely relieved of how my grades turned out. Thanks to my block mate Kaye Pe, I was able to see my grades. To those who are asking why, it is because our grades are being shown online from the student’s portal courtesy of our very own university (yeah, UST really got a high quality services). But because of this certain date of showing the grades, students are logging on to the site simultaneously which tends for the server to break down (which actually happens all the time. K ) Only few students are able to access because I think only few have the patience to keep on pressing the refresh button. Lol. Unlucky me, I couldn’t go through the site no matter how many times I try to refresh the site. And since Kaye can access easily, I asked her if she could open my account and copy my grades. Generous her, she said yes :D

And there you go, my grades. So far, I got two 2.0. Thanks to Sales and Services :/ There’s no semestral ave yet, but I have computed it and it’s 1.53. I added it to my last sem’s ave which was 1.4 (not yet sure with the second digit) and I got 1.4 something! Yeah baby, still a Dean’s Lister! So happy for still making my parents proud :D One more year!!

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  1. you already! hehehehe! CONGRATULATIONS! super duper proud of you Pillow! keep up the good work...