Monday, April 18, 2011


April 16, Saturday, my high school classmates planned a mini reunion to spend our summer nicely and fun. I say “mini” because indeed, we are “mini” in numbers, not to mention that we’re not complete. L This mini reunion was actually premeditated by 4 lovely ladies, Jev, Rebecca, Marilyn and of course, Me! :p If you could remember my previous posts, they were the ones I go jogging with. So after jogging (or should I say ‘walking’), we had this thing in our minds. Actually, we’ve been planning this kind of reunion way back 2009 and 2010. Lazy us, we haven’t pursued it. You know, when you started college, some are missing in action, some have different priorities in life that they don’t want or have the time to be with those persons from their past. Thank God we were able to pursue it. I may say that I have practiced my Marketing skills in pursuing my classmates to join the reunion. And it’s not pretty easy you know. It’s as difficult as selling a new product in the market. Sometimes, I get so irritated with all their excuses. Most of their excuses are, “I’ve got no money”, “I’m busy”, “I’ve got summer classes”, “I can’t come”, and the like, end of story, goodbye! But no way could I accept those excuses! I tried pursuing them. Even always reminding them and repetitively asking them if they could come. There’s a point when I was riding in a jeepney and one of classmates was there too. The night before that, she said she couldn’t come because she had loads of school works to do sue to summer classes and that she has her monthly period. I tried pursuing her more until she said we’ll talk tomorrow. And there, when we’re on the same vehicle, I have no idea whether I would talk to her or not. Surely she knows, I’m kinda pissed off ‘bout her not joining the reunion. But then she tapped me and said, “Charm, daan ko sa inyo mamaya yung bayad ko.” And I was like, “Talaga? Sasama ka na?” with that huge smile on my face! :D And I felt quite guilty. Natakot yata siya. Haha!

So after coming up with the plan, finally we have pursued 14 people from our section to join the mini reunion. But the day of the said reunion, we had a problem with the private pool we have reserved. Since it’s a private pool in Pansol, Laguna, we just made a verbal reservation since we got no time to visit the place. We called them to follow-up but the owner/agent of the private pool told us that someone has made a reservation for 24 hours. And we’re kinda pissed off because we could do nothing since we only had a verbal reservation with that person. Fotunately, Jev knew someone who’s an agent of private pools in Pansol. He lend us a private pool worth P4,500. It’s really cheap compare to other private pools in Pansol but since it’s Saturday and it’s summer season, all the good ones were already reserved so we got no choice. The place was a little cozy because of that old look but the pool was big. It has 2 rooms upstairs. But hey, the bonding is more important than the place, right? Lol

We rented a jeepney worth P2,000. We got a 26-seater jeepney for 14 persons. Nicely done! Brr :)) Opps, I was on the phone talking with someoneon that photo.

The ex-lovers! They'd been talking alot during the reunion. I wish they could be together again. :)

The girls! :)

Time to prepare the foods! Ugh, actually they're the only ones who prepared the foods. Don't expect me! You might be disappointed with how the food tastes. Lol! Anywho, I salute the guys since they helped alot in preparing the foods. Not to mention their effort in making "paypay" the "ihawan". :)

Our favorite teacher, ROSELLE DAVID! We're so glad she allowed herself to come with us despite her busy schedule. Also, I'm so happy because we had this heart-to-heart talk. :) I really miss her. Thank you Ma'am! You really are the best! :D

The 4 ladies behind this mini reunion! :) Can you see how we love each other?

Aside from I was with my favorite teacher here, there's nothing really striking about this photo. But seeing that cup of coffee, I feel like I want one too. Okay, I'm just blah-ing! Next photo please :)

Okay, so don't think I'm wild. Haha! I'm just holding those 2 bottles of drinks. Right, I will not deny that I drink that night. But I swear, I wasn't drunk. That's a little different. A bit tipsy of course. Drinking 4 types of drinks? Gaa! But Jev and Arnie vomited. So I felt strong and at the same time proud of myself. HAHAHA!

Okay, nothing special. But I fancy myself here. :P

There are so many photos I would like to share here but I am kinda getting a hard time uploading them. This is what I love with high school. You may have different lives after 4 years of being together, you may have different encounters in life that changed you and your personality. High school is a lot different from college. In college, you'll get to meet lots of people. Different personality, different perspectives and the like. You may befriend them or sometimes all of them, but for a year or years or for a semester only. If you'll be lucky, for a lifetime. Being with your high school friends for 4 years is a whole lot different. Incomparable. Unexplainable. There's this connection between all of you that others can't take away. Not all of us are the same, some of us have been working already, some are still studying, some are doing business. But still, we were able to meet each other and spend a night. We may not afford something to make this reunion so grand, like rent a very expensive resort or go to beautiful places, I say there is always more than meets the eye. Watching and discovering that everyone has grown up and changed a lot is something irreplaceable. I'm so happy that I've been with them even just for 12 hours. This night is definitely worth remembering and I'll surely treasure this forever. :)

PS: I never proofread. My apologies :P


  1. OMG, thanks for sharing my super haggard/sleepless picture. I too, enjoyed that time with you guys. I really look forward to it, didn't you know that? hahaha! I love our picture with Karlo with me holding that cup of coffee. I love it!!!

    That heart to heart talk, it's awesome. I miss those kind of moments with you my dearest and with the rest of the gang.

    I neer thought that jeep is 24 seater. I realized it just now cause I was amazed looking at you so grown ups. time really flies so fast that my little angels are now devils (just kidding).

    Next time don't buy that Boracay rhum okay- you know what I mean! hahaha!

    I look forward to another exciting happy day on the 7th! Thanks for inviting me! I had a great time with you and looking forward to more! I miss you so much guys!

  2. Yes! See you on 7th! And oh, advance happy birthday ma'am! :D

    Yes, no Boracay Rhum! Haha :P

    Ugh, I'm just a little devil. Lol. I still got a halo. Just half :P

  3. gumaganon.. nadamay pa.. amp!. pero tnx na din.. ^^ sana nga...

  4. Perfect! HI Charmie, I your favourite teacher's blogger friend. And, I must say that this trip looked exactly like what I could imagine when your teacher described it to me. Super fun!

  5. Hi! Yeah, it was really fun! It's quite difficult to express through words how happy we were during that night. :) And btw, thanks for taking a look at my blog. I hope we could be friends to :)