Thursday, May 12, 2011


Okay, some b*tch just ruined my evening. She’s just some jealous and insecure biatch hater. What are you? Pretending like a holy shit when in fact, you’re some devil not wearing in Prada. Why did I say that? Because you’re pretending to be someone you are not. Lowlife! Sorry but I hope you get what’s due to you. Better photoshop your face and let’s see what it can do with your BIG MOUTH. That is, if Photoshop could handle that, literally. Also, I have learned that you got not only a big mouth but also a SMALL BRAIN. Yuh, big mouth and small brain do mix in you. How fateful was that. :P I bet your brain also lost its sense right after you lost your virginity! Yes, I’m harsh but never accuse me of lying because I know you’re a whore. So don’t act as if you’re such an angel.

Okay, sorry for being so harsh regarding this post. I just wanna shut up so that it won’t start any war but I want to let this out. So for the readers, spare me if there are any mistakes or anything. I just wrote this out of my madness. Lol. And for you bitch, better watch out. I may not give you my attention and let you bother me because we’re not of the same level but seriously, I can be a bitch from hell and you wouldn’t like to see one, trust me. Besides, I don’t like fighting with BABIES and I don’t wanna see such a CRYING BABY! Haha :P So long, Bitch!


  1. and I quote Miss Magno "If you're a bitch, I am a bigger bitch" (dun ka sa shoes ni Miss, joke. haha pero seriously babe, she doesn't deserve your time, let alone a blog entry dedicated to her. Sayang lang time and energy mo s knya :)

  2. Haha, Miss Magno's funny. :D True babe. Thanks for the advice, I'll keep that in mind. Miss you :)