Friday, May 27, 2011

It's a 4-1 Series. Sorry Bulls! :P

Watched NBA earlier with my boyfriend. He went here early in the morning so that we could witness together the game. Unfortunate for him, he witnessed how my team beats his team. Yuh, I’m a Miami fan and he’s on the Chi-town side. I’m not really a MIA fan, but I’m an LBJ fan since high school that’s why I supported him even after changing his team from Cleveland to Miami.

The Mia’s 3-superstars-tandem is indeed a bomb to make this team going into the Finals. After finishing the series with 4-1 standing, now they’re about to face the West’s champion, Dallas Mavericks whom I called MaveWEAK! Lol. 2006 championship game shall repeat itself. It’s a good chance for Nowitzki to bring back his composure after losing against Miami last 2006 which haunt him in the past. Yea, Nowitzki is there but hey, Rose was in Chicago too. But 3 vs 1 game can make a lot of difference. Let’s just see who will win in the NBA Finals.

Miami haters will definitely be a Dallas fans. But I don’t care though. Mia should keep them hating. Lol. Whoever wins, I salute them. After all, I’m only concern to my love, Lebron James going to championship and getting that ring! Yehbah! :D

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