Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Party Rock is in the House Tonight!

I know, I know, I know! I have to make an apology for my not-so-long hiatus. I wasn’t that busy but I was lethargic enough to not update my blog with my recent happenings. Honestly, I have this plan to write about what happened during Easter Sunday. Yuh, that was like forever but you see, whenever I am about to start writing/typing, I always have this feeling like I have nothing much to say so I’ll just bring to a standstill and try again tomorrow. The same thing happens over and over again that is why until now, I haven’t written anything about it yet. Great blogger! K

Good thing, I’m in the mood right now. Maybe because I get inspired by the page views I got recently so I’m gonna blog our mini Pajama party with my hommies.

I can’t exactly remember the date I invited them to sleep at our house. Oh, I haven’t mentioned, I was home alone for a week (until now). Mom and my little brother went for a vacation in Mindoro. You may ask why I didn’t come with them. It’s because I just don’t like to go somewhere and experience the heat of the sun. I know that is what summer is all about but the weather recently drives my heaviness and lazy hormones and all I wanna do is to just lay on my bed, watch movies, surf the internet and anything under our own roof. Oh, you may put in shopping and visiting malls (of course, you have to get out of your house) but anyway, it’s all air-conditioned, that could escape you from that enormous heat outside. Here are some snapshots during that fun night:

Since I got 2 laptops here, I asked my other friend to bring her own laptop ‘cause just so you know, we’re kinda cyberspace addicts. Lol.

Every party has cards to play. That is why we played the legendary (in our case) “Ungguy-ungguyan” and “1,2,3 Pass”

As a consequence for those who will lose, a LIPSTICK would be your greatest nightmare for the night. Lucky me, I lost only twice. J

After getting fed up of playing cards, we decided to do something fun. We thought of creating this ‘Moymoy Palaboy’ style video. So we have to sponge down our dirty faces chock-full of lipstick marks.

And this is how they sleep... LOL!

And that’s it! Thank you girls for spending the night with me! J

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  1. and why did the cyber addicts hommies didn't invited us,, uhhh?