Monday, September 19, 2011

Realization: I'm Such A Loser

I know, I know, I know! I’m such a loser, that’s what I realized. I’ve been not so into blogging these past few MONTHS. My schedule won’t allow me to. I remember my two friends, Sam and Cez, asked me, Bat hindi ka na nag-bblog?” I answered in a hesitant way, “Eh minsan kasi pagod na. Tinatamad na akong mag-isip or what.” Yes, spare me. I’ve been so lazy lately maybe because of too much deadlines to beat and too many companies to be visited for internship. A bit hesitant while answering because I, myself, don’t know the real reason behind my idleness. But whenever I have spare time, all I want is to relax, SLEEP, facebook, twitter and tumblr. That’s right, I stay on tumblr but I can’t even visit my blogger. Maybe because reblogging on tumblr is a lot easier than making up your mind on what to blog and how you are going to construct it.

But since Commerce Week is here, I am now enjoying the spare time I have right now and tadaaa! I’m blogging! Too many happenings recently, so where should I start? oh by the way, i just love that picture of mine. Just, ignore it. Lol. :P