Sunday, May 29, 2011


Sometimes, no matter how wonderful of a relationship you are in, there will come a time when you will face a challenge- the temptation to cheat. If you start getting thoughts and fantasies of getting involved with another person, do not start feeling guilty or like you have failed at keeping your relationship perfect. The truth, no relationship will ever be perfect, and it is imperfections that keep a relationship on its toes, making you and partner continuously work as team in keeping your relationship open, happy and healthy.

These past few weeks, I have learned that some guys like me and I had totally no idea about that until I’ve noticed how they flirting on me. They confessed it that they really like me and I was kinda shocked with a mix of flattering. It is indeed very gratifying to know that someone likes you. But most especially, it feels great when you knew that the one you like likes you too.

The hard thing on my part is that before, I really like this guy. Well, I could say he’s still attractive to my eyes but that’s all. I don’t like him anymore as much as I do before. This guy has been telling me that he really likes me even before during our grade school days and that I was his childhood crush. And so was I. Before. He totally knew that I have a boyfriend so I asked him why he tells me that. He said because it’s his only chance of telling me that since he kept it for years. But he’s not intending to break our relationship or what, he just wanna tell me about that. He also told me that he really envy my boyfriend.

It’s really tempting once you’re in a relationship to cheat, to flirt with other guys. Especially if you think that your boyfriend is quite missing something like his time and energy. Recently, the ‘what ifs’ are starting to suffocate my mind. I’m thinking what if I’m single? What if I try something new? What if I do this thing? What would happen? I took a shower and still these questions linger in my mind. So I tried typing on the search engine and search for temptations in a relationship. I got some few advices.

I know my boyfriend would kill me once he reads this. But just so he knows, I love him so much and I wouldn’t cheat him. Temptations might occur but I will never be tempted. I would not even dare to give up. If I were on his shoes, I know I don’t wanna be cheated also by my partner. Our relationship does not worth a give up. They say temptations are pretty normal in a long term relationship and I believe that. And I fear that karma would get back at me. And as I always tell to myself, Do it. Then he'll dump you and you'll regret it. And I guarantee you you'll never do it again!”


Sorry for the content. These are just random thoughts and I am too lazy to proof-read it. Spare me for all the mistakes and the unorganized content. I’m sleepy. Goodnight!


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  2. Was wondering who's that lucky guy. I think I know him! Miss yah Pillow!