Sunday, November 27, 2011


People are being too judgmental. They don’t consider other’s feelings. People commit mistakes because unfortunately, they are just people. People should not conform to other people’s expectations or standards especially if they are too unreasonable.

I admit that I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I can be stupid at times. Clumsy and dumb. I admit that I don’t have everything to be proud of. I don’t know everything. I am neither an expert nor a genius. I have my insecurities and fears. I am not as confident as you are. I am not as wealthy as you are. You may be lucky enough but forgive me for saying this, I got better manners than you.

You can’t brag yourself or your skills because you are nowhere near perfection. Why not look into yourself and tell us what it is in you that are not perfect? Everything? Now that is bulls**t. Why do you have to criticize other people and brag yourself as if you are so perfect? You are not a total package either. I don’t know if it is your defense mechanism or what but apparently, your behaviour is such a displacement.

You should learn how to respect others for them to respect you. Be sensitive. Or better yet, if you have nothing good to say, just shut up your f*cking mouth. I guess that way, your self-declared-good-ideas will have a much better executions than those you brag.

People do their stuff for their own purpose not yours. They have their own expectations for themselves. They don’t have to conform to your standards. People express their feelings. They do their OWN stuff and it has got nothing to do with you. I do this for myself. This is all about me and not about you. I don’t do this for publicity nor for fame. I’m here to express and for it to serve as my diary and not as a platform for criticisms. I’m not here to impress people, especially people like you who are very structural. I thought you were spontaneous and the type of who-cares-about-rules. But looks like you are just the opposite of what you declared to be you.

PS: I never proofread. So spare me.

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