Monday, November 7, 2011

To My Mr. Engineer :)

The phone rang, it was Ronald’s mom. “Andyan ba mama mo?” said Tita Elsie. “Wala po tita eh. Bakit po?” I replied. “Bukas dito na kayo magdinner ha” she said.

I was surprised to hear that his mom invited me and my family to have dinner at their place. There was a small gathering as a thanksgiving for my boyfriend passing the ECE Board Exam. Yes, he’s now an Engineer! I really believed in him. He’s very keen, very diligent and very determinate. I witnessed his hardships in reviewing lots of thick books, travelling all the way from Cavite to Manila to attend his review session and skipping lunch just to attend the 12nn mass in St. Jude. I’m always with him every Thursdays after my class and his review to attend the mass. We had toendure our hunger, the heat, and the populated and polluted place of Mendiola so that we won’t miss the 12nn mass. As an FYI, St. Jude is much known for the hopeless. And it is a popular place for board exam takers. They say that if you’ve completed the 9 consecutive Thursdays, you’ll be having a great chance to pass the exam. Anyway, we always attend though there were times that I can’t go with him because I had job interviews and other errands to do. But surely, whenever we were there, we make sure that we take a shower with holy water. Lol. And I think it was effective because I am very blessed and so is my engineer lover. :)

So last night was a blast. We stayed at Ronald’s place till 3am videok-ing with his family and friends. I met his relatives from his father’s side. Sure thing, I’ll never forget his Tito Louie who is very humorous and all his jokes were hilarious. I was so ‘bungisngis’ whenever he’s around. He considers himself as an actor, much more like Piolo Pascual. Lmao. So here are some of our pictures from last night's celebration. Photos are courtesy of Ronald's sister, Rhacel Caceres.

The party won't be complete without our OLMM Titas. Btw, pardon for Tita Becca (the one in between me and Ronald). She called it 'No Other Woman' scene and we can't be together whenever she's near. Lol.

The cake. And look, his mini caricature was also present. Hihi. Oh btw, it was from me. It was my birthday gift to him. And I have to commend, his family loves it. They were the one who placed it beside his cake. Even his dad was bragging it to their relatives. :)

With his Mom and Sister. And his lil brother from behind. Haha.

With his sister. She is so sweet and caring. And P.S., she really loves to sing.

With his parents. Tee-hee. It was a bit awkward on my part but I love the feeling. I felt like I belong and I was a part of the family.

And of course, the party can't be without these two, Ja and Pok. They are Ronald's best childhood buddies. They stayed with us till 3am, singing out of our lungs, and yes, they were drunk. It was never an issue for them :P

And for the new engineer, Ronald Caceres Jr., Congratulations! I am so proud of you. All your hardships paid off and I know it was God's gift to you because you never failed to believe in Him after all the obstacles you have gone through. A very kind-hearted man, indeed. You are such a blessing to your family, to your friends, and to me. I love you so much and this blog is dedicated for you. Congratulations!


  1. You mean? OMG, I'm so happy for you and I'm glad everything is okay now. It's different from the last time we talked. I am very much happy for you.

    Congratulations to your Mr. Engineer. Nandyan si Jaja....hmmm...Alam ko na, alam mo na din yun, twitter____...hahahaha

  2. Yes. But, of course may awkwardness pa din. But still, it was good to know that somehow, they accept me as their son's girlfriend. :) Yep ma'am about the twitter thang, but everything's good na. They made it clear to me their intention in doing such things. They're happy for us :)