Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lame is the Word

i wasn't able to post a blog for two days and i am glad i'm writing now :) anyway, this picture was taken the day before yesterday. as you can see it's a name of a resort so most likely... yeah, we're out for a swimming. like what i've mentioned in my last blog, i'm with my family and neighborhood. so no chance to watch the two David's concert.
well, i did enjoyed swimming except for the place. why? it was so lame. idk. i just find it lame. yeah, the pools were cool because of the natural hotspring, there were gigantic slides. but i still find it lame. don't get me wrong. i find it cool when they gave us a coupon for 20% discount for our next visit. but still, i find it lame. lol, how many times did i already said that? haha. we left our house by 5pm and we arrived there by 8pm i guess. yeah, there was traffic so the travel was not that cool. then swim, swim, swim. then we got home by 5am. haha. and it's like.. omg, i really miss my bed. and when i kicked my ass off to bed it's like... wow, life is so awesome! lol. just kiddin' and sorry for the use of the words.
anyway, happenings yesterday was also lame. haha. i wasn't able to go online because i watched a singing and dance competition. the event was disgusting because of technical problems. and it's like, omg.. they're not organized. actually, i went there to watch the dance contest. unfortunately, i wasn't able because it started by 6pm and i went there by 8:30pm. haha, so stupid. i thought the event will start by 7pm. not knowing that 7pm will be the start of the singing contest. and i thought the dance competition will be done later after the singing thing. okay, enough with that. i'm loser for not getting the chance to watch it. haha.
however, the singing contest was a bit interesting i guess.there were some contestants who made me laughed out of my lungs though some gave me headache. lol. i'm not bragging okay. i sing but not that good. but i know if a singer sings well or not. i really wanna go home that night but it was already past 11pm and i can't go home alone. my mom won't let me so i have to finish the whole event and listen with some freakin' voices. haha. kiddin'. i wanted to get home early so i could go online and post a blog. but i couldn't so yeah. that's why i'm writing all of them right now.

so i think i'll stop right here. nothing much more to say.

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