Friday, May 15, 2009

Moment of Reconciliation

everything seems getting better now compare to yesterday. my mom and i were already talking to each other though, there's a little bit of you know, hatred. i don't know if that's the exact word for that. maybe a little bad feelings, some thing like that. everything's getting okay now with my relationships to others.
earlier, i went to the church to have a practice. just so you know i am a member of a church choir. we will sing in a mass later so i have to attend the practice. we usually do our practice every Saturday before the mass. yeah, we do our mass in our village every saturday but fyi, we are Catholic. lol. there's just a special mass later and we have to sing there. so much to do for me coz i'll be singing in the altar. it's called "salmo" where you share the readings through singing. all the best for me i think coz i just came back from flu and i still have a bit cough. maybe i could sing but not that good, but i hope not.
just finished watching David Cook in a show. His eyes are adorable, really. but i don't regret when i said he's arrogant. i still think he is. maybe in some cases. everyone has a bad and good side right? anyway, i'm still wishing that somehow there will be someone who will knock on our door and talk to me saying that he wants to give me a ticket of David Archuleta and David Cook's concert. hoho. if it wasn't obvious, i badly want to go there. yes, i want it badly unfortunately, i can't. oh i wish i have the urge to do so. tomorrow will be the day of the concert. i don't know if i will force my mom to give me money so i could go to the concert.. oh and as if i could do that, now that we're on some.. fight? or i'll just go with my family and neighborhood to have some swimming in laguna. it's a night swimming. yeah, that's kinda hard for me. i know my mom won't allow me to watch the concert. she will prefer me to go with them than give me money to watch a concert alone. so i think that's my cue. i can't go. :[

i just got home from the church. everything's went fine. my cough didn't cause anything while i was singing. though there were some technical problems back there. the microphone had a problem so the priest approached me and gave his microphone. isn't that sweet? lol just kidding. then we sing sing sing and sing... so after the mass we had this picture taking with the priest. don't get me wrong i love photography. go to my sites and you'll see what i am talking about. haha. then when i went out from the church.. there was i think 3 guys standing. i know him though i can't remember their name. i asked my mom when is the contest because there is a singing and dance contest and what i know is that it will be held later. so yeah, my mom and i are really okay now. haha. anyway, she asked the 3 guys. then they told us that it will be on Sunday. i was just curious and not interested in joining contests anymore. then they asked me to join because i have a great voice. haha. if you're going to ask me.. i would also say NO. i'm done joining contests. okay so much for me to say. dinner's ready now. have a goodnight :]



  1. it's nice to know that you and your mom are okay now....Good Girl Pillow

  2. hihi, thanks mam :) keo po pala yan. miss you too :) quiet lang keo mam sah mgah pinopost ko aa =P hehe. mwahmwah!

  3. hehehe! xmpre..! I know by the word "PILLOW" you already knew who I am. Take Care. I miss you so much.....mwahhhh