Monday, May 18, 2009

That's Rubbish!

last night my uncle from Abu Dhabi called me on the phone. yeah, we're really that close. he's a seaman too like my dad and has a really high position. we just talked about stuffs, the pasalubong i want and about his love life. it's a bit complicated so i don't wanna elaborate on that.

on our dinner last night, my mom and i were discussing about some issues. she asked me what did my uncle said then talk talk talk. then i asked her, when guys cheat, why do people find it normal but when the girls were the one who cheated it's like the whole world will react? my mom answered me with an "please-explain-further" answer. it's awkward. she said, "kasi... iba ang tingin ng tao kapag babae ang nagloko. di katulad sa lalaki, walang mawawala kasi lalaki sila."

what was that?? just because they are guys it's normal for them to cheat while the girls can't cheat because they are girls? that's rubbish! i can't find the logic. if it's bad for the eyes of the people to see a girl cheating on someone, then i think the guys should have the same treatment too. it seems unfair. and can anyone give me a convincing answer about the difference of a guy cheating his partner and a girl cheating her partner? tell me why do they have different treatments and perceptions from other people?

"walang mawawala sa lalaki pag nagloko siya unlike sa babae"... i agree with this if there's sex involve. but i'm not talking about sex. it's merely cheating. put it this way, a guy who is also a cheater saw his girlfriend dating another guy. it's purely dating and no sex involve. why still people judge that girl? let's say she's just doing the same thing like her boyfriend. it's a matter of pride. maybe she wants her boyfriend to know how it feels being cheated, right?

i'm not saying that it's okay for me to cheat or to be cheated. of course, i don't like that. i don't like jerks and bitches. i just find it unfair judging a girl who only wants her partner to realize what does it feels to be cheated. i'm not talking about those girls who are.. you know.. real bitch. i'm talking about those girls who really love their partners yet they are being cheated and they are just hoping for some changes in their relationship.

just like the saying goes... "if you can't beat them, join them." lol. just kiddin'. but it's related right? if you can't change your partner, why not do the same thing? maybe, that way, he will realize something and then change. some thing like that. the intentions are right though the executions are a little... bitchy. haha.

don't get me wrong. it's not based on my experience. someone's experience, not mine. haha. random huh.

i'll stop here. i'm gonna have to continue a drama series i'm watching on net. i just thought of writing something about that when i went to shower. any reactions will be welcomed.. but my opinions won't change.


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