Tuesday, May 19, 2009

this ain't a fairytale

i know letting go of someone you love is very hard. every second without him tears your heart apart. i will not be his princess anymore. i'm letting him go. not because i don't love him anymore but because i know it'll never work out. we're in a very complicated situation and i know that we will both find it hard. i know he'll be fine without me. he should be. he will always be my Romeo no matter what. but i'm not expecting that i will be his princess forever.
i already said goodbye to him early this morning. i told him i can't be his princess anymore. i gave him a song. it's White Horse by Taylor Swift. it's like a continuation of a song Love Story also by Taylor Swift which was his song to me. i'm trying to play it in guitar so i could give it to him like what he did before. even though i let him go, i'm still keeping his song on my phone and keeps on listening to it whenever i go to sleep and misses him. i know i can't get over him because of what i am doing but this is the only way for me to be happy.
now i am asking myself, i did the right thing right? it's for our own good. i should accept it and move on. i should have known.. i'm not a princess and this ain't a fairytale. i should forget my prince and live with reality. i've never loved anyone like this before that i have to let go of my own happiness.

sorry if there are some wrong grammars. i just can't write well.


  1. I'm always checking your blog for the updates. Now I can say that you're growing up not only physically (though we know you're bigger Your maturity can be gauge through your posts. No matter what is it or rather who is he you're referring to.......I know you weigh your options (the pros and cons). Don't think too much about it.......remember what I told you before?, you're still young, enjoy your life, if one person is taken maybe another person who is better will come. Hearthaches are spices of teenage life...take care Pillow!

  2. thanks mam :) i'll always keep that in mind. miss you mam! mwah!