Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stop Cha-Cha, for God's Sake!

i'm in my dormitory right now, and while i am eating my dinner i am watching tv. this crap thing really freaks the whole Philippines. i mean, hello?? aren't you contented with your 6-years term?? why would you have to pursue this freaking Cha-Cha?? for your term to be extended?? that's bullshit! sorry for the vocabulary, but that's the truth! for those who doesn't know what Cha-cha or Charter Change is.. that's somewhat an action of the government to have a Constituent Assembly. they will change our government system to parliamentary. well, of course, for term extension purposes! what the hell was that? haven't you noticed that there were lots of bombings down-south recently? everyday rallies in almost every part of Manila by different sectors and organizations. i am aware of that because i am staying in Manila and i have seen rallies for real. why is this happening to our country? because of this pathetic government! and what do they do? they don't care less about that. what they care about is pursuing this Cha-Cha thing! if you are a government official, you have to do service to your countrymen and not making yourself wealthy. you were voted and positioned in where you are right now because people trusted you. you have given a specific term so that you could fulfill your duty. so why do you have to extend your term? because you think your not yet done with your duties? because you think you still haven't done the best thing that you can do for your country??c'mon! that's hilarious! immature and really pathetic! those who are in the position only shows us how selfish they are and how greedy they are when it comes to power and money. why am i saying this? for now, i am not that affected. but i don't want to be affected in the future so i have to be aware right now of the things i have to do. maybe i am becoming more mature and more aware of the things happening around me. now i am thinking to pursue an Economics major. it's a pre-law so i could study law. fyi, it's my dream to be a lawyer. there are just some reasons why i can't pursue that. okay, enough with that.

anyway, i was doing earlier my resume. why? i am applying to be a comhead of one of the organizations in our college. i should do this for future purposes and i want my college life to be more productive. enough with too much cleverness, time for practical deeds.if you didn't get what i mean, it means i have to apply in real life those things i have learned in school. being clever, having high grades are not enough for you to say that you are ready for your future job. you have to apply it. you have to train yourself. or else, everything will be useless. and the thing here is, the guy i've told you.. he's an officer of that org and he used to be the one who interviews the applicants. i mean, that's too much for coincidence, right? i don't even know that he likes engaging with those kind of things. i was in total shock when i was in the org room and he just approached us. i was surprised to know that he knew me. well, not my name but my face because he always sees me whenever they come here to eat. then earlier, i came from the computer shop to have my resume printed then i came back to the dorm and he was there with his friend. then i came down again to call my mom on phone. he just looked at me and smile at me with a wave of his hand. haha. okay, i don't want to misinterpret that. :) alright, i'll just end it up here. whatever you are thinking, it's not like that okay? lol

oh, and just a little side note.. please correct me if i am wrong about my explanation on Charter Change. i would highly appreciate that. here's my quote for the day: "Enough with too much cleverness, time for practical deeds."


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