Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Enrollment Day!

yesterday was really a stressful day. it was my enrollment. but before that, i have to renew my scholarship first. i have to get my certificate of grades from the dean's office. but the this was, the office just opened on November 3 which was the day before yesterday. usually, the certificate of grades can be claimed after 3 days. i really don't know what to do that time. usually, i renew my scholarship 2 days before the enrollment. but since it was a holiday, i couldn't do that this time.

yesterday, i went in the university at exactly 8am. i woke up 4:15am. too early huh. then, i went straight to the dean's office in our building. when i got there, it was still close. i was talking to the security guard to open it because i have something to do with my scholarship. then when it opened, i proceed to the dean's office. when it's my turn to claim the certicate, it wasn't there. they said, some of the certificates were not yet printed. and i was like, omg! i have to renew my scholarship before enrollment. my enrollment was scheduled 8-10 am and it was almost 9am! i was really aggravated that time. so i decided to wait a little longer. then the secretary talked to us again and said that we wait a little more because there's no one there to sign the certificates because they're still waiting for Mam Rosette. i was really annoyed so i went outside and proceed to the seminary gym where the enrollment is. i have to encode my pe subject first so that i could choose my preferred sports. so i sat there and waited. the line was long. then i saw my classmates and i joined them. lol. so lucky me, i was able to enter the gym faster. after i encoded my pe, i chose table tennis monday 1-3 pm. actually, i wanted to take basketball. but there's nothing that could fit my schedule. so i ended up with table tennis.

then, i get back to the building and finally, i was able to claim my certificate of grades. then i proceed to the office of student affairs for the renewal. they computed my grades and i have 1.42 average. thank God! :) then, i went to the enrollment again. imagine, i went back and forth. i almost walked around the whole vicinity of our university which was very tiring because our university is really huge. then, when i did the assessment of fees. then payment, then encoding. then done! yay! i'm done. lol.

and after that, we had our chorale rehearsal. it ended up to 3pm. it was a tiring day but atleast, i'm done with the things i must do. what i have to do now os to enjoy my remaining days of vacation, then hello 2nd sem! :) i hope this sem would be great too. i know, it will be more difficult. but i know God will guide me always :)

so bye for now,

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