Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jho's 18th Birthday

OMG, i know i know. i haven't post even a single blog here for ages. and i want to apologize for that because honestly, it's our semestral break. i have lots of free time to post here but i didn't. it's not because i'm always busy or tired or whatsoever. maybe, it's just that i don't feel like i'm in the mood to write something. oh well, that's why i'm here. i wanna make up to you. though, i'm not sure if there's someone out there who loves reading my blogs. lol.

anyway, the picture above was taken during my blockmate's 18th birthday. it was really fun because after our closing day, i haven't met my blockmates for some days. the food was good too and after that, we had a party. we danced as if there's no tomorrow. lol. and it really made my feet hurt because i was wearing a 3 inches high heels. then after that, we went outside to find some places where we could continue the fun because the party ended like 11 in the evening. we wanted to continue the night so we decided to go somewhere where there's a karaoke. and we went to Music Match. and it was my first time to saw a sisha. it's like you're sniffing a cigarette but instead of nicotine, it's apple. so, it's not bad for your lungs. and i love it how the smokes went out from our mouth. lol. okay, i'm so ignorant because i dont smoke. haha. and my blockmate taught me how to release the smoke from your nose. lol. it was effing funny :D we stayed there for like, 2 hours? haha. can't remember. then after that, we parted our ways. but before we got back to my blockmate's dormitory, we asked the taxi driver to send us to Pinoy Big Brother's house first. lol. it was really exciting and i was so amazed of how the house looks like. i want to enter that house too :D then suddenly, we heard Kuya's voice. lol. both of us were shocked and was like jumping because of joy! haha. but there were some guys who come near us and asked us if they could have some picture with us. we're a bit scared. they're not handsome actually. it's like, eww. haha. kiddin'. and i smelled one of those guys, they're drunk. so we decided to go back to the dormitory. so, goodbye big brother's house :( then, we went back to the dormitory but we still couldn't get over from hearing Kuya's voice. haha.

then we slept in my blockmate's dormitory. actually, i slept for just 2 hours. so it's not really a sleep. lol.

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