Friday, May 27, 2011


I’m officially enrolled! Yeah! I went to school this Thursday to enrol myself and yes to senior year! I was with my block mates that day. All incoming 4th years were scheduled at 8-9 am but we were already there by 7:30 am and we’re the first ones in line. Very much different from my previous enrolment experiences because I usually come to school like 9am and the weather is so hot and I face a very long line so I really have to wait. But this time, I encountered no hassles and very comfortable weather plus I’m with my block mates wherein usually, I only go by myself. Loner I am :) Lol.

I’m really excited for my LAST year as a student. It gives me quivers thinking that I’m about to face the real world after a year. Would I be able to do it? Do my skills and knowledge are enough to be competitive outside? I guess not. I admit that I have a very long way to go towards success. I’m not as competitive like others and I’m not as witty like those efficacious people. But learning is a lifetime process and I know I can be one someday.

While chilling with my block mates that day, we were able to discuss about our coming on-the-job training. It’ll be done this second semester so I’ll be expecting a jam-packed school works and office works, not to mention that our defense for our Marketing plan will be done on second semester too. So maybe that leaves me to “No party at the moment” life. :( Anywho, we were discussing some good companies to apply and what are not. Some of us were looking for those companies who give allowances and at the same time very good training. But obviously, it’s pretty much difficult to get in there. Some of us were looking basically for a good training that could boost their skills and a plus factor for their curriculum vitae even without allowance. I’m quite undecided which company to go to but I could consider Unilever as my first pick and next would be Nestle and/ or Globe telecom. But I am aspiring to go to Proctor & Gamble because it’s a well-known company that gives an outstanding training to all their interns. Of course, we all know how excellent P&G carry out in its industry. But yes, it’s difficult to apply. Some people are telling me to try it, but I don’t know. I can’t decide yet.

So going back, it’ll be my LAST year (hopefully) as a student and it’s very saddening to think that I am leaving my beautiful university. Yes, I’m in love with my school. The cultures and traditions, the activities, the surroundings, and the people inside and outside UST, it’s hard and I’m pretty sure I’ll be missing this university. Even the floods. Lol. But I am hoping because I am planning to take a Master’s Degree after some years of working that once again, I could study in UST again. Yes, I want to take my Master’s Degree there. I hope God would allow me to. :) But for now, I’ll just enjoy my remaining days as a student because it’ll be much different from being a professional. Hey, I still got 2 semesters. It’s not that long, but I’ll live the best out of it. Oh, I forgot to mention, this year I’m looking forward for our retreat! Yay! I hope it will be a good one. That’s it for today. Byeee! :)